2018 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Review, Reliability, Price

Sunday, May 5th, 2019 - Toyota
2018 Toyota Rav4 Xle Vs Limited

2018 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid 4WD is a medium to large sized suv, driven by a 2.5 petrol and two electric motors (the latter one transforms the car into a 4 x 4). Very spacious interior as in the trunk and well equipped in relation to price (but with some economy in interior fittings) this suv has 197 horsepower, and knows how to shoot with decision; the Guide, however, is not particularly precise, and invites to go peacefully. The judgement on consumption depends on the type of route: are very low in the city, where the hybrid system manages to recover much of the energy that would be lost in slowdowns, while on the highway diesel rivals do better (in terms of battery life).

2018 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Review

Is the hybrid version of the large Japanese suv, updated about a year ago. 2018 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid has two electric motors: the first supports the 2.5 petrol in shooting, while the latter intervenes (when needed) only on the rear wheels, turning the car into a 4 x 4. You spend 3,050 euros more than the front-drive-only version, but slimy funds is an added bonus. Size apart (the Toyota Rav4 is 461 cm long), this suv is very comfortable in the city. The shot is lively, automatic transmission (continuously variable ratio) is fluid and fuel consumption is really low. In addition, we must consider that many municipalities guarantee facilities (access to the Ztl and parking free in the blue lines) to hybrid cars, because less polluting. On the open road you appreciate the comfort and the panache guaranteed by three engines (which guarantee a maximum combined power of 197 horses). However, the obvious body roll in bends, the Steering which does not give a lot of confidence and the annoying reply “scooter type” of 2.5 petrol (which rises lot of laps as soon as it speeds by decision) does not encourage brilliant Guide. The Lounge has a valid price: full led headlights, automatic climate control, “climate” electrically operated tailgate and rearview camera are standard. In addition, Toyota has very substantial discounts and warranty is three years (five on hybrid component). The Price of The New 2018 Toyota RAV4 is around 39,700 euros.

2018 Toyota Rav4 Interior

Airy and with room to spare, the Interior of the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid is similar to that of the old model: are new, however, the multimedia system with 7 inch touchscreen touchscreen and instrumentation for this hybrid version (instead of the Rev counter there is an indicator of power delivered or recovered) and illuminated in blue. Some items are made with care (as “climate” conditioner commands, or the clear sounding Hi-Fi) but the plastics of the door panels and instrument panel are utilitarian, and certain lack of precision fittings. In addition, only the left front window lifter is automatic, some buttons and the grid that slides the gearshift lever are exceeded and pockets in the doors are tiny. Who sits in front of features refined amenities such as heated seats and (driver) electrical regulations. Less pampered people behind, where there is not an opening of “climate”.

The Toyota Rav4 is a five-seater ‘ true ‘: space is abundant in every direction, the rear floor is flat (there is a tunnel that hinders your feet) and the backrest of the sofa you can tilt backward to rest on long trips.

2018 Toyota Rav4 Reliability Reviews

Toyota Rav4 Cargo Space Dimensions

The presence of batteries and rear electric motor does not worsen much capacity, which remains very good so there is an upside to seven centimeters near the sofa, but the capacity is still well 579 litres (61 in less than the Rav4 oil operation). Access is convenient (threshold to 67 cm from the ground and very wide electrically operated tailgate) and the backrests recline even out of the trunk, with two levers; just enough finishing (siding panels, plastic, rigano easily).

2018 Toyota Rav4 Test Drive

In town. 2018 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid is cumbersome, but otherwise proves to be quite suitable for urban traffic. Frequent delays allow the hybrid system to recover a lot of energy, which goes to recharge the batteries (and then to feed “free” electric motors). As a result, consumption (measured over 17 km/liter) and pollutant emissions are very low for an suv of this size, and better than those of rivals. In addition, the shot is immediate and decided, comfort more than appreciable (thanks to the automatic transmission and steering light) and, in car parks, parking sensors and rearview camera come in handy.

Out of town. The total 197 horses are useful in overtaking, that are carried out quickly and without having to “work” with the change, but it is not recommended to use them to adopt a “dynamic” Guide: in the curves taken by decision, in fact, the body tilts pretty side, while the 2.5 salt annoyingly rounds when accelerating and just manually scaling the gears you get a good engine braking. Moving quietly, instead, you can enjoy the comfortable and gets good fuel economy (15.4 km/liter in our tests).

On the highway. The contribution of the hybrid system at constant speed is almost nil. This is demonstrated by the fact that, in actual hours, 2.5 130 asks about a litre of petrol to travel 10 km. However, noise is not disturbing (until unless you accelerate hard to place an overtaking or face a slight slope) and the appreciable stability; convenient cruise control with distance radar, your package Safety Sense Plus (1,200 euros).

In off road. While this is a 4 x 4 suv, you should take advantage of the wheel to move more safely slimy funds that do not engage in some kind of climbing. The distance from the ground of 17.7 cm is relatively small and the 4 x 4 system is not the most challenging tracts: If the front wheels start to slip on a steep slope, it is said that the thrust of the rear electric motor just to advance.

2018 Toyota Rav4 Pros and COns


  • Comfort. The disjointed never gives hassle and noise in the passenger compartment is almost always reduced.
  • Behavior in city. In traffic moving in full relax, consuming very little and polluting.
  • Room amenities. The series offers many fine accessories; interesting (and not expensive) options.
  • Space. The cabin is quite large; they’re also five adults. And the trunk is capacious

Why not

  • Highway consumption. At 130 km/h you walk about 10 km with a litre, while a good diesel suv comparable performance makes it 13-14 (and diesel fuel costs less).
  • Quick Guide. Suspension settings, Steering response and change are made to travel peacefully.
  • Interior. Different plastics (and some commands) are inadequate in a car from 40,000 euros.
  • Practicality. The glove box is small and lacks the sliding sofa.

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