2018 Techrules GT96 SPecs, Engine, Design

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 - Techrules
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2018 Techrules GT96 – The model expected at Geneva was photographed at the Monza circuit in its racing Variant. a few days before the premiere at the Geneva Motor Show the new electric supercar 2018 Techrules GT96 was granted a test at the Monza circuit (in the photos). The model saw him turn on the track racing variant designed is certainly energetic man to have fun on the track, but not approved for road circulation. To confirm it is the presence of a single windshield that, in fact, reveals a one-man cockpit, while the diffuse teaser last week (see here) there are three domes for interiors that can accommodate two more passengers. A contributing factor, as reported by the managers of Chinese brand, strengthen the ability to configure the cockpit in different ways, with that 3-seater can protagonist in the spotlight in Geneva. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the road version contains the protective cage that can be seen in the picture with the roof open, replaced plausibly a sturdy roll bar that facilitates entry and exit from the car.

in 2018-the model that will be on display in Geneva is not the GT96, show car prepared for the Swiss Exhibition last year and with unlikely commercial future. It is rather the development of prototype 2016 with name yet to be attributed and that will actually be produced in series racing and road versions. The first to appear on the market will be the track variant which turned to Monza in recent days and that could begin to be produced in the factories of Turin of LM Gianetti from late 2017 or beginning of next year. It remains unknown if the model competition will be able, or willing, to take part in any League or whether it will remain an expensive “toy” for a few (suggested 25 production aircraft) to have fun on the track. If the development plans will be confirmed, the road version could be available in 2018, although it remains difficult to predict the exact date of marketing.

2018 Techrules GT96 Design

from images of Monza is blatant an extreme design inspired by the air force. To give the final shape to the future Techrules was the GFG projects owned by Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro. The outcome is an obsessive attention to aerodynamics highlighted by linear and lateral frontal profile designed to manage the flow of air to reduce attrition and enhance the downforce on the ground. A choice of efficiency combined with a focus on aesthetics with two lateral harnesses to provide “oomph” to design and host your headlights with laser technology. Details which, we presume, in the road waiting in Geneva will be further treated in style and enhanced by a homogeneous coating; it is not created to disguise as the model seen at the Monza circuit. As for the engine, is certain the presence of technology TREV, while they remain to be confirmed the technical data (768 kW power, 350 km/h and 0-100 shutter “2.5 km/h), especially for road Variant.

2018 Techrules GT96 SPecs, Engine, Design Pictures

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