2018 Suzuki Baleno Release Date and Prices

2018 Suzuki Baleno Release Date and Prices

The 2018 Suzuki Baleno is a car balanced proportions, with a rounded front, the fender and a showy trapezoidal grille. The side is lightened by a deep rib and the basis of Windows dates back towards the tail, giving some momentum to the body. In the back a bit of sportiness-raked rear window is from, surmounted by a spoiler. The cabin is very roomy even for rear passengers (it seems to be on board an average); only, it’s a little austere in appearance. The trunk has an irregular shape, but charge a lot; too bad the threshold is high off the ground well 78 cm. The suspensions are effective: they absorb well holes and are able to effectively counteract body roll when cornering. The five-speed gearbox is quite accurate; the Steering, on the other hand, is more suited to the tour guide, because with increasing speed loses accuracy. The new system, SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki), which uses a simplified hybrid technology with lithium-ion batteries, guarantees very low fuel consumption and emissions.

The 2018 Suzuki Baleno is a subcompact four-meter long with a large cockpit and a large trunk. But the highlight is the four-cylinder 1.2 from 90 HP, with an innovative hybrid system simplified (which assures the tax advantages and exemptions for hybrid cars). The House consists of a generator that SHVS calls it in acceleration helps the four cylinders. The car performs well and those in gasoline is among the least thirsty (especially in city and suburban tracts, where the SHVS intervenes more). Basically, the internal combustion engine is connected to a generator (ISG, Integrated Starter Generator) using a strap to make it quieter system Start Stop Start on reboots & (aside from helping out during acceleration, in fact, the generator also serves as the starter). Used in place of the conventional alternator, is powered by a lithium-ion battery as efficient as compact (located under the driver’s seat, not subtract trunk space) and lightweight (weighs just 6.2 kg). To his charge, as that of traditional lead-acid battery, the generator itself, during the slowdown. In terms of dynamic qualities, the car is handling and drivability: has a substantial suspension that limits the cornering platform and a secure grip. The engine guarantees a good shot from low revs, with a smooth delivery, without making you feel too his voice. Is room for improvement, however, the braking system, which reported stopping distances long and proved not resistant to fatigue. The equipment of the Suzuki Baleno B-Top (the one with the SHVS) is worthy of more expensive models: standard, in addition to 16 “alloy wheels, Xenon headlights and taillights with led lights, fog lights, keyless opening, the button for starting and reversing camera. Worthy of note also the safety equipment, which is provided with the adaptive cruise control ACC and automatic emergency braking.

2018 Suzuki Baleno Interior

Is only a bit of liveliness: black and grey predominate, broken aluminum inserts. 2018 Suzuki Baleno plank he uses simple shapes and rigid plastics and economic aspect (mounted, however, accurately). Overall, the controls are well-placed (except the onboard computer menu, in the dash, behind the steering wheel spokes); the glove compartment is numerous. Complete the equipment the “climate” automatic/1 zone, the multimedia system (with a bright 7 screen “) and heated seats. The instrumentation is complete. Pleasant, Center, 4.2 “screen of MyDrive: also shows the instantaneous values of torque and power and battery power. To navigate in the menu there is an awkward command to the right of the speedometer: forces you to put your hand between the races and the steering wheel rim.

Climbing aboard it feels like being in a car bigger than a small car, so much available space: the seats are wide, the ceiling is high and on the sofa are also three adults (without doing contortions to reach it). Well, the two armchairs are not too soft; the upholstery fabrics look not quite rich (even if they seem sturdy). Height adjustable seat belt attack. The sofa is large and the legroom is a lot for a small car. No shortage of clever solutions, like the Pocket in the back of the front passenger and the 12 V socket in the Cabinet (for charging cell phones or music players).

2018 Suzuki Baleno Trunk

Practical removable floor, you can also increase or decrease (11 cm); below are the inflate and repair kit. The opening and the tray are expensive, but between the threshold and the floor are from 17 to 28 cm. Also, the little shape somewhat regular trunk penalizes exploitability.

Test Drive

In town. The Suzuki Baleno is nimble in traffic; whenever you stop, queued or at traffic lights, the 1.2 you shut down and restart quickly, without too many surprises. The steering is light and well operable; in the Park, we see little through the rear window, but the rearview camera (standard) improve a bit the situation. Really content the average consumption of 17.2 km per liter.

Out of town. The vehicle must be driven slowly, to appreciate the smooth ride and comfortable which can guarantee even over long distances. Roadholding is secure; the braking system, however, does not like the hardships, showing little fatigue resistant in heavy use. Very low petrol consumption: the average distance measured is 21.7 km/l.

On the highway. At 130 km/h, even with the engine at 3500 RPM in fifth, it travels well: the aerodynamic noise, gums, and the four-cylinder are under control and suspension safeguard properly the backs of passengers. The underdog from the fifth long, recovery after a slowdown is not the fastest. Not bad, consumption of 16.4 km/l.

2018 Suzuki Baleno Pros and Cons


  • Passenger compartment. Is large in relation to the external dimensions: passengers (behind) are not sacrificed.
  • Consumption. I’m really content: we detected over 17 km/l in town and more than 21 out.
  • Room amenities. Equipping B-Top has everything you need and does not disappoint even in terms of safety.
  • Engine. The four-cylinder offers regular delivery and a boost to intermediate speed.

Why not

  • Finishes. The seat upholstery and dashboard rigid plastics look cheap (and very little lively).
  • Braking. To stop the car serve long spaces; under stress, the plant loses bite.
  • Load threshold. Is high off the ground (78 cm) and a short distance from the floor of the trunk.
  • Rear visibility. Is penalized by the small rear window and tilted. But the camera is standard.

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