2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback Reviews

Monday, September 2nd, 2019 - Skoda
2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback Interior

At the debut 2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback with the 1.0 Turbo gasoline from 95 HP, the renewed Czech sedan is fluid in driving and confirms spacious. Uncomfortable, however, the fifth place.

2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback Redesign

Four years after the launch, for the practice sedan medium 2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback (long 430 cm) The time has come for a slight update: the lower part of the front bumper is embellished with a thick chrome profile, the fog lamps are thinner and the headlights are equipped with daytime running lights and led direction indicators. Slight differences in the rear: a black frame for large headlights and reflectors inserted in the bumper (in one position, however, rather exposed to the “touch”). As for the engines, the novelty is the 1.0 turbo gasoline, which replaces the 1.2 TSI: their powers are 95 (that of the test car) and 110 cv. These are the new three cylinders already used by other Volkswagen group models (such as golf). Confirm, however, the two diesel units: the 1.4 Tricylinder with 90 horsepower and the 1.6 by 116. Already on sale, the new Skoda rapid Spaceback has attractive prices in relation to the good equipment: among the 17,680 euros of the 1.0 TSI active (Standard has the manual air conditioner, the fog lamps and the radio with USB socket) and the 22,940 of the 1.6 TDI executive (alloy Wheels of 16 “, Bluetooth, navigator, rear parking sensors). The 1.0 TSI Design Edition (95 hp) of the test costs 19,630 euros and stands out for its panoramic glass roof, black tailgate and 17 “wheels.

2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback Interior Changes

The changes in the cockpit have remediated to a limit of the previous Skoda Fabia Spaceback: the resigned appearance. The finishes are now more cured (plastics, always hard to touch, are pleasing) and the aluminum type inserts in the doors give a feeling of greater completeness. The plank remains linear in the shapes but has a more sinuous pattern given by the profile in contrasting color, framing the events of unpublished design. For the rest, the cockpit is confirmed wide: well-adjustable driving position, intuitive controls (but in the dashboard missing the light of the dipped beams), good availability of storage (the drawer in front of the front passenger is refrigerated) and practical solutions such as the housing for the umbrella under the right front seat and the mobile phone pocket on the side of the same seat. Too bad that the swelling in the floor and the tin holder between the armchairs will cancel the legroom of those who sit in the middle of the couch. With 415 liters (rising to 1380 folding the rear seats) the trunk is confirmed among the most spacious of the category: Its walls are equipped with hooks for bags and removable bulkheads that conceal useful objects.

Extended Infotainment

It also changes the multimedia system of the Skoda Fabia Spaceback: Intuitive to use (clear the graphics of the screen of 6.5 “in the console), depending on the versions supports features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for an effective connection with mobile phones, can have Wi-Fi and navigator. Plus, it now also has the care connect: It costs 400 euros, remains active for 14 years and, using the SIM card inserted in the car, in the event of an accident call the rescue, allows the dealer to remotely monitor the “State of health” of the car to alert the owner of the approaching time of the coupon and finally, it allows you to check some parameters of the car and to enter the destination of the next trip in the Navigator after downloading a special app for the mobile phone. New also the online infotainment services Skoda Connect, with real-time information on weather and traffic: they are free for the first year, then require the payment of a subscription (whose price is currently in the definition). For 95 euros, two USB sockets are available for rear seats: they are used to recharge devices such as mobile phones.

2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback Driving Experience

In the guide, the 2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback 1.0 TSI Design Edition is appreciated for its ease and comfort (valid for the soundproofing of the cockpit). Despite having no ambition of sportsmanship, the car has a light and multiplied steering (not bad, however, precision), a well maneuverable gearbox (the clutch is light to press) and soft suspension, which effectively absorb most of the disconnections. The roll is not very accentuated and, accomplices the wide tires 215/40 r 17, the insertion in the curves is quite ready: the road seal is safe. The 95 three-cylinder horses regularly push from low revs, transmitting a few vibrations and always guaranteeing that panache necessary for an overtaking in peace: the 184 km/h of peak and the 11 seconds for the “0-100” that the house promises should be verified with a test on the track, but do not seem to be far from the real. It is, rather, the fifth March, rather long to favor the reduction of consumption, to penalize the recovery. Driving with panache on the ups of roads suburban the board computer calculated the average of 13 km/L: a non-exceptional performance (the official data is 22.7 km/l).

2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback Changes

2018 Skoda Rapid Spaceback Pros and Cons

Rapid Strenght

  •  Trunk. It is among the most capacious in the category.
  • engine. Soft in operation, it is also lively.
  • Guide. Gearbox, steering, suspension: It all responds to the best to travel with little stress.

Rapid Weakness

  • shooting. It is penalized by the fifth gear that favors the reduction of consumption.
  • fifth place. Whoever sits in the middle of the couch doesn’t know where to put their legs.
  • Spies. In the dashboard is missing that of the diapers.

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