2018 Skoda Karoq Review; Spacious and Comfortable

Friday, January 31st, 2020 - Skoda
Skoda Karoq 2018 Trunk SPace

Spacious and uncluttered, the new 2018 Skoda Karoq SUV is easy to drive and has an effective dual-clutch gearbox. Annoying, however, the aerodynamic rustles.

The edgy, elegant and original appearance (especially in the front) distinguishes the new compact SUV (is 438 cm long) Skoda Karoq, which replaces the Yeti. Ordered from mid-October 2017, but available in dealerships from January 2018, the Skoda Karoq is proposed only with turbo engines (already used by many cars of the Volkswagen group): Gasoline, the three cylinders 1.0 from 115 hp and the 1.5 with 150; With diesel oil, the 1.6 from 115 horsepower and the 2.0 with 150 (for the moment, the only one combined with the integral traction). The effective robotized gearbox with double clutch DSG with seven ratios is instead offered, as standard or as optional, with all units. As for prices, we go from 23,850 euros of the 1.0 TSI ambition (standard seven airbags, 17 “alloy wheels, Bizone automatic air conditioning, cruise control, fog lights, automatic emergency braking, rear distance sensors) to 34,350 of 2.0 TDI 4×4 DSG Style of the test (which, as standard, also has access without key, the rims of 18 “, the sliding sofa, the full LED headlights and the navigator). Among the optional, the Travel Assistant package (from about 1,100 euros) with security systems such as the monitoring of the blind angle in the rear-view mirrors and, for vehicles with DSG gearbox, the Traffic Jam Assistant, which, in the queues, is able to march the car almost by itself , managing independently steering, accelerator and brakes. Reserved for 4×4 versions The off-Road mode: Activated with a button between the seats, acts on a clutch that shares the pair between the two axes, activates the speed control downhill and shows, in the monitor of the console, additional information, such as the degrees Inclination of the car.

2018 Skoda Karoq Interior; Large space

Without any particular specialties, the cockpit of the 2018 Skoda Karoq is easily accessible, large and carefully constructed (cured the assemblies, soft to the touch the upper part of the plank). The driving position is raised; The seat (in the car of the test with precise electrical regulations, at prices in the definition) is well shaped, comfortable and not annoyingly saggy. The instrumentation is clear and complete; The wide screen of 8 “in the console of the infotainment system (complete with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) intuitive use. Well arranged commands, even if there is a warning light that signals which of the four settings of the Driving mode (which change in a more or less sporty the steering, engine and gearbox responses) has been selected with the key between the seats: the Monitor in the console the Displays only when you choose. The two displays that indicate the temperature set by the air conditioner are not visible: they are small, subject to reflections and too low in the console. On request, it will be available (about 500 euros) the configurable digital dashboard. Good the equipment of storage: the one in the tunnel can lock two bottles, allowing to open them with one hand, while the drawer in the plank (not very large) is refrigerated and with a noise-protection coating. In the cockpit of the Skoda Karoq space is not lacking at all and it is a pity that the person seated the center of the couch has between the feet the bulge in the floor (also present in the two-wheel versions only). High the capacity of the trunk, well accessible from the large tailgate also available with automatic opening, passing a foot in front of the sensor under the bumper. In the richest Style, the classic rigid hat is replaced by a roller awning, which can be lifted together with the tailgate. In the Skoda Karoq with the three-part sliding sofa and removable, the capacity varies between 479-588 liters with the five seats in use and 1810 traveling in two (521/1630 liters for the fixed sofa cars).

Performance and Fuel Economy Review

Sincere in reactions and fluid, the 2018 Skoda Karoq lends itself to travel in relax. The road seal is high (also aid the full traction) and, more than for the Verve, the 2.0 turbo diesel from 150 HP is reported for homogeneity of operation. The robotic double clutch gearbox responds differently depending on which driving mode (standard for the Karoq 4×4, 105 euros for the other, excluding the 1.0 gasoline) has been inserted: in Eco, to save fuel is too slow NE The driving steps; In Normal is quite quick, but above all fluid and, in sports, it buys a good readiness. There is no shortage of the levers at the wheel to manually enter the seven gears, although, despite its appreciable agility, this Skoda is not designed for the sports guide, but for the one in Souplesse (they are still credible both the 195 km/h of the maximum speed Declared, both the 9.3 seconds and the house promises for the “0-100”). It confirms the steering, light and precise, but not too ready and direct (only in Sport it weights slightly), precisely to avoid frequent corrections of trajectory in the march in Rectilinear. However, for an SUV devoted to comfort (good absorption of most disconnections), the soundproofing is improved: already traveling at 80 km/h the aerodynamic rustles generated by the external mirrors are Avverttibili and, at motorway speeds, The rolling noise of the generous tires of 18 “feels. Discrete the consumption calculated by the computer on board in the test dealt with brio on suburban roads: about 13 km/L (19.2 km/l the stated data).

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