2018 Seat Ibiza Reviews, Redesign, Prices; Spacious & Technological

Friday, August 9th, 2019 - Seat
2018 Seat Ibiza Cupra Release Date and Prices

The new 2018 Seat Ibiza mounts a vibrant three-cylinder 1.0 Turbo Gasoline 116 CV: they convince space and security systems, less plastics and steering.

2018 Seat Ibiza Overview; Starting Prices from 15,050 Euro

All new, the fifth generation of the Seat Ibiza is the first car of the Volkswagen group to exploit the unprecedented modular platform MQB A0, which will be used for all future long models around the four meters. This allowed to lengthen the pitch (the distance between the center of the front and rear wheels) of 10 centimeters and to widen the body of 9 cm, to the advantage of the space. Offer only at five doors (the “Quasi coupe” SC and the wagon St will not be reproposed) retains the length of 406 cm and will be on sale from late June, with prices starting from 15,050 Euro for the basic version style with Engine 1.0 from 75 hp. For an intermediate style with the lively 1.0 TSI turbo from 95 hp will serve instead 15,650 euros, while the other prices (the 1.0 TSI there is also with 116 CV, as the one we drove) are still to be defined. The most expensive fittings are the sporty fr (It is recognized for the least use of chrome, for the mask with the wide mesh grid and for the different frames of the fog lamps) and the rich excellence, waiting for the “bad” Cupra coming in a few months. Retired the three cylinders 1.4 TDI diesel, the new Seat Ibiza offers the 1.6 TDI with an in addition piston, with 80, 95 or 115 hp. There will not be a methane version, always pushed by the 90 HP 1.0 TSI.

2018 Seat Ibiza Redesign

The lines of this 2018 Seat Ibiza are an evolution of those of the previous one, but the different proportions make the car more “planted on the ground” and aggressive, thanks also to the most pronounced ribs on the bonnet and sides; And in various parts (daytime lights, headlights and mirrors) often returns the stylistic theme of the triangle. More net than the model out of the scene is the change inside, where the plank is crossed by a painted band and the round vents have left the place to other thin and squared. Although well worked, all plastics are rigid: Soft are only the armrests applied to the front door panels (which also have a fabric insert). However, subtleties such as the right drawer with brake opening (but all in bare plastic), the adjustment of the inclination of the backs with a (precise) wheel and the compartment obtained inside the central armrest covered with felt; Just too bad that the seatbelts are not adjustable in height.

New Seat Ibiza INterior and Dimensions

Taken from the previous seat Ibiza are instead the steering wheel, the gear lever and the dashboard. The latter, in the guided version has the speedometer not readable, with a dense scale and the 70 and 130 km/h marked only by a small white stretch like the rest of the graphics; In addition, displaying the speed in the center screen will waive to show other useful information, such as the directions of the navigator. What can not be criticized of this car is the space: in front abounds and, even behind, for shoulders and knees rivals with that of some medium saloons. Even the central place is not uncomfortable, in spite of the cumbersome tunnel on the floor. From praise, then the trunk: Speaking of a utilitarian, the load threshold is not too high from the ground (71 cm) and you have at your disposal well 355 liters of boot (63 in more than before). Not to mention that the compartment is entirely covered, and that there are no shortage of load nets and elastics, as well as a practical variable height bottom.

The new platform has allowed to “inject” so much more technology in the SEAT Ibiza: There is no lack of automatic braking of emergency, the cruise control adaptive with function for the gear in column and the wireless charging system for the mobiles predisposed. Rich and captivating graphics the multimedia system with 8 ‘ ‘ screen, which integrates a navigator with 3d graphics and Android Auto protocols, Apple CarPlay and mirrorlink to connect smartphones. reserved for the FR electronically controlled shock absorbers: They harden in sport mode (when the ESP becomes less invasive and the steering heavier).

Seat Ibiza Cupra 2018 Availability in United States

The “mille” of the seat Ibiza LED is a modern three-cylinder turbocharged direct injection of gasoline: it pushes with vivacity from the 2000 laps, has a discreet long and only in the accelerations decided makes some vibrations (and its “voice”) to the passengers. It is combined with a six-speed manual gearbox: The stroke of the lever is well defined, but the insertion of the gears is somewhat contrasted, especially in the use “Garibaldi”. On the other hand, at 130 km/h in sixth the engine works silently at 2750 rpm: Also accomplices the discreet soundproofing (limited by the aerodynamic rustles), on the highway you travel in comfort. Rather “stop” the suspension calibration, which is added to the lowered shoulder of the big tires: the most pronounced roughness are not always absorbed at best. In spite, however, of the large tires (branded but mainly designed to reduce consumption), the steering does not shine neither for readiness nor for homogeneity and, in turn, the car arrives soon to widen the trajectory with the front: there are rivals that, with much smaller tires, offer a more precise guide. Things are better with the FR, which we have tried briefly and that has “shoes” 215/40 r 18 with sports mix and soft and stiffer shock absorbers. At low pace, however, the lightness of the steering is appreciated, which becomes harder to operate in speed, without ever being “marble”. Finally, the stability: The 2018 Seat Ibiza is a car that you “feel in hand” from the first meters.

New Seat Ibiza Pros and Cons


  • habitability. The car is as long as the previous Ibiza, but the space on board is almost from the average sedan.
  • Trunk. It is large, of regular shape, well exploitable and finished with care.
  • technology. Few rivals can offer equally advanced security and multimedia systems.


  • Plastics. They are quality, but none with soft coating: Other far older Utilitarians offer better.
  • Steering. In spite of the “inflatables”, the steering does not shine neither for readiness nor for precision.
  • speedometer. The Lancet one is dense with numbers and hyphens, with the 130 km/h not well highlighted.

2018 Seat Ibiza Reviews, Redesign, Prices; Spacious & Technological Pictures

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