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Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 - Renault
2018 Renault Talisman Interior Limousine

The 2018 Renault Talisman is a modern sedan, with spacious interiors and nicely finished that does not go unnoticed: the front stands out for the showy mask with large logo and daytime running lights (led, like the headlights), that extend into the bumper. Behind, on the other hand, are thin and elongated headlights estrosi. The millesei turbodiesel has recorded low consumption, thanks to the long six-speed manual gearbox, but penalize performance in shooting. On the mixture, however, this car is appreciated for good agility, thanks to four wheel steering: Multi-Sense 4Control are part of the package.

Cured finishes and equipped properly, this 2018 Renault Talisman originally designed stands for agility and stability, enhanced by Multi-Sense 4Control: includes four-wheel steering, electronic shock absorbers and 18-inch wheels (but you can have even those of 19 “, with a little extra). By contrast, the rather rigid structure penalizes comfort over potholes. Good the soundproofing. To keep the “voice” of 1.6 turbodiesel also help the long marches, but they are charged in the shooting times. In addition, the turbo response delay is quite noticeable, especially on climbs and travelling at full load. The Exchange, among other things, not outstanding for its handling of the short lever, but with a long hike. Among the options, however, there is also a dual-clutch automatic transmission EDC, always six-speed gearbox. As standard, the extensive outfitting offers full led headlights to Intens: sensors for blind spot mirror and the camera for the recognition of traffic signs. Speaking of security, in December 2015 Euro NCAP crash tests the Renault Talisman scored five stars, with a score of 76% on security systems (to take the 86% in adult occupant protection). Speaking of endowments, also set up “base” Zen is anything but Spartan: already has NAV, “climate” climate control, keyless access system “” and cruise control. The Price of this new Renault talisman 2018 is aorund 33,100 EUROS

2018 Renault Talisman Interior

The dashboard of the Renault Talisman is nicely laid out, but little fanciful shapes, although there are also sophisticated solutions, such as led lighting (also extended to the doors) editable in color through the menus of the multimedia system placed in the center console. The latter is impressive and you control how a tablet (in addition to the commands between the seats), complete with a zoom function: just tap two fingers on the screen of 8.7 inches. Part of the R-Link2 (standard), which includes useful app, such as real time traffic.

The space width and legroom abound, even behind (except for those sitting in the Middle, saw that the tunnel and the Cabinet between the front seats are bulky). It’s not much, instead, the comfortable height. Before it sits on wide leather seats: an optional combined with the way power and ventilation of seat and back. Standard, on the other hand, the massage function (for both the driver’s and passenger) with three modes: tonic, relaxing and lumbar.

2018 Renault Talisman Trunk

The loading capacity is substantial, while the opening of the trunk is Yes, but not very extended in height. Also, between the bottom and the threshold (which is 75 cm from the ground) there is a step by 16 cm: uncomfortable. Cured finishes, as are those of the storage compartments in the passenger compartment. Practical blocking system of locks, including trunk: moving away from the car with the key in his pocket, the Talisman will close without pressing a button.

Dimension Renault Talisman 2018

2018 Renault Talisman Dimension

In town. In traffic, the size of the Renault Talisman are felt and the visibility isn’t great either behind (but the rear is standard) both front left: upright and mirror are disruptive. Not great pure comfort over potholes, while useful in tight turns are the four wheel steering. Heavy traffic in the clutch pedal, while the 1.6 diesel with Stop Start is just thirsty: 16.7 & km/litre we detected are quite an achievement for a car 485 cm long.

Out of town. In mixed driving is enjoyable: good road holding and stability. But the Renault Talisman is not a “lightweight” and with the 1.6 diesel from 131 HP (there is also one from 160 HP, Twin Turbo) you can not just say brilliant at low speeds: slow shooting and obvious, particularly in climbs or at full load, the turbo response delay. Moreover, the gears are designed primarily to reduce consumption, and they do it very well: 21.3 km/liter according to our tools.

On the highway. Paced by the acoustic comfort is good (in the sixth, the 1.6 works in 2350 rpm and feels just as well as the potential wind noise): you travel relaxed and the average is 17 km/liter. In March, after a slowdown dose should be scaled and has excellent manoeuvrability. Useful many driver assistance devices: from the sensor for the blind spot mirror the adaptive cruise control with automatic emergency braking Easy Drive package (includes the head-up display, which reduces the risk of distraction). Also standard system to recognize (and remember in) the speed limit signs: is based on the same camera that detects accidental exits from its lane.

2018 Renault Talisman Pros and Cons


Room amenities. In the price (not exaggerated) includes systems such as the Navigator, bi-led and the seats with massage function.
Finishes. The Interior is finished with care. Among the “goodies”, ambient lights selectable in five colors, as well as adjustable in intensity.
Driving round bends. The four wheel steering gives the car a remarkable agility and responsiveness in the mixed. High road

Why not

Manual transmission. Stands out not for maneuverability, and the clutch is heavy and difficult to depress.
Comfort over potholes. The disconnections marked feel while setting the calibration soft electronically controlled dampers.
Recovery. At low speeds the 1.6 tends to “sit” and the turbo response delay is noticeable, especially on uphill or when traveling at full load.


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