2018 Renault Alaskan Reviews; Comfortable & Unstoppable

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 - Renault
2018 Renault Alaskan Price Suth Africa

The new 2018 Renault Alaskan pick-up is versatile, has cozy interiors and with the 190 HP 2.3 diesel engine and the automatic gearbox is easy to drive. Improved, however, the steering.

Review; The Stars

It is called Renault Alaskan the first maxi pick-up (540 cm length) of the French house and comes from the Nissan Navara (the two houses are part of the same group). To differentiate the Alaskan is more than the other the front, square and imposing, which emphasizes the Renault lozenge of generous dimensions. Homologated as a truck and proposed only in double Cab version (with four doors and five seats) the Alaskan is available with the 2.3 turbo diesel from 160 or 190 hp (the latter also with the seven-speed automatic gearbox) combined with the integral drive Insertable. On sale from November 3, 2017 and available in dealerships a week later, the new pick-up has prices between 33,672 euros for the Life setting with 160 hp (standard air conditioner, cruise control and speed control system in descents) and 45,506 euros for the rich Executive from 190 hp of the test, with the automatic transmission, the full LED headlamps, the leather seats (heatable) and the camera at 360 degrees. Pity that the warranty is three years (or 100,000 km) against the five (or 160,000 km) of the Navara.

2018 Renault Alaskan Interior and Dimensions

The soft leather seats give a touch of elegance to the cockpit that has rigid, but not unpleasant plastic coatings to see. The rounded plank has commands ordered and a clear screen of 7 “in the Center (also displays the maps of the Navigator). The driving position is raised and well adjustable, pity that the steering wheel is adjustable in height but not in depth. Many and capacious objects, including the goggles next to the interior rearview mirror. In addition to the aesthetic point of view, even in space, the Renault Alaskan Interior is similar to that of a comfortable sedan: in four you travel well and the sofa can accommodate without too many limitations, three adults. Unique notes for those who sit behind, the backrest rather upright and the floor high: it forces to keep the legs slightly raised. The body is easily accessible from a large flap (the 81 cm away from the ground are many but in the standard for a pickup), which can withstand up to 200 kg. The body has a capacity of 960 kg (949 for the test model) and is large: 158 cm deep and up to 156 wide. Also, except for the Life, it has standard five sturdy metal movable hooks in the walls. Optional (prices in the definition) the plastic covering for the whole compartment, the trunk to be fixed behind the cabin and the hard-top with window and side windows openable.

Alaskan Driving

Despite the imposing dimensions and the over 2000 kg of weight The Renault Alaskan 2is driving with ease and holds the road well. The refined five-arm articulation for the rear suspension (instead of the common crossbow between the pickups) favors a more precise insertion in the curves, as well as a good comfort that little has to envy to that of a sedan (OK also soundproofing). Too bad the steering is not as good: it lacks readiness and, in maneuvers, is heavy. The 190 CV of the 2.3 Biturbo diesel fuel (and not very noisy) from the low revs and also a lively guide (probably the good time of 10.8 “for the” 0-100 “and the 180 km/h of maximum speed), although within the limits of a pickup of this size that does not Shines for agility. The automatic gearbox with a torque converter is well matched with the nature of the New Renault Alaskan, with almost imperceptible passages between the seven gears. However, especially in driving on wet asphalt, you feel the lack of a model for the integral traction system that allows you to automatically and variably transfer part of the bike to the front wheels when the rear ones slip. Instead for the Renault Alaskan the 4×4 are inserted manually with the knob in the console and are thought more for the off-road: It is not possible to pass the 100 km/h and provide only a fixed breakdown between the two axes that, at the long, can fatigue the Transmission and wear more tires. As regards consumption, in the test on suburban roads the one calculated by the computer on board is not the lowest: 11 km/L (14.5 km/l that homologated). Good, however, the towing capacity: 3500 kg

off-road 4X4 Capabilities

Insert the four drive wheels and the reduced gears (by turning the practical knob at the base of the console) the Renault Alaskan has passed with ease, and always ensuring good comfort to the passengers, demanding mule with stones and mud (part of the test is carried out In the rain) even if fitted with tires not specifically from off-road (Continental ContiCrossContact 255/60 R 18). In the most difficult steps you can also lock (by pressing the key in the console) the rear differential and manually select the gears with the lever in the tunnel. The 22 cm between the bottom of the car and the ground allow to overcome bumps and streams (45 cm of Ford at the reach of the medium) of a certain commitment without thoughts and the 30 ° of angle of attack and 25 ° of exit allow to face strong inclinations. In the steepest descents, the system is effective (activated with the key in the console) that keeps the speed constant: The driver is left to handle the steering. However, in the narrow passages, the imposing dimensions of the Renault Alaskan can be of a hindrance.

2018 Renault Alaskan Price and Equipment

2018 Renault Alaskan Pros and Cons


Change. Fluid in operation is also fairly quick.
Comfort. The cockpit keeps disconnections of the road and noise.
Ease of driving. Although big and heavy this pickup is not challenging to lead.


warranty. It is not extended as that of the “cousin” Nissan Navara.
Steering. You would want it lighter and ready. There is no depth adjustment for the steering wheel.
full traction. The possibility of automatically varying the breakdown between the two axes would be useful especially in driving on slimy asphalt.

Officially Specs

Fuel oil
Cubic capacity cm3 2298
No cylinders and 4 arrangement in line
Maximum power KW (CV)/rpm 140 (190)/3750 rpm
Torque Max Nm/rpm 450/1500-2500
CO2 emission grams/km 180
Distribution 4 valves per cylinder
No gear ratio 7 (automatic) + Reverse Gear
Rear wheel drive, integral
Front brakes self-ventilating discs
Rear Brake Drums

The declared performance;

Maximum speed (km/h) 183
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 10.8
Average consumption (km/L) 14.5


Length/width/height cm 540/185/184
Wheelbase cm 315
Weight in running order kg 2009
Body (width/largh. wheel/length) cm 156/113/158
Tires (standard) 255/60 R18

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