2018 Range Rover velar P380 Review; Well on the road, OK in off-road

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 - Land Rover
2018 Range Rover velar P380 Engine Specs

The 2018 Range Rover velar P380 has cozy interiors and style; Despite its imposing dimensions, it is also easy to drive off the asphalt. But the accessibility to the trunk is not its strong point.

The name velar was what the Land Rover had chosen, at the end of the years 60, to distinguish the prototypes of that revolutionary off-road that would have been the Range Rover: The word is inspired by the Latin verb that means veiling, hiding (in fact, under those “forklifts” concealed the new model), but many fans of the brand explain it as an acronym for “V Eight Land Rover” (Land Rover with V8 engine). Half a century later, here is the veil of the new Century: fluid lines, a reduced front overhang and a tapered back characterize this new Range Rover, which, with its length of 480 cm, is halfway between the smallest Evoque and the great sport. A look of strong personality, that makes the car a half way between a massive SUV and an elegant crossover: the black roof and the smooth and “broken” sides in the lower area by a subtle color profile in contrast streamline the car, giving a dynamic uncommon for cars of this category. From the technical point of view, the 2018 Range Rover velar P380 is built for 80% aluminium (to contain its weight): The shell is derived from that of the Jaguar F-Pace. The refined suspensions are a quadrilateral for the front and multi-arm for the rear; The 6-cylinder versions include standard electronically controlled pneumatic elastic elements (in place of traditional damper/spring groups) that, among other things, they allow to vary the height from the ground of the car, creating a light up to 25 cm between the floor and the ground to overcome bumps and holes, and to lower it by 4 cm when the engine is switched off to facilitate access on board.

2018 Range Rover velar P380 Price

Already on sale and on delivery, the 2018 Range Rover velar P380 is offered only with integral traction and with automatic transmission with 8 gears. Wide choice of engines, 4 and 6 cylinders: Gasoline ranges from 250 to 381 HP, the diesel units have powers between 179 and 300 horsepower. Prices start from 58,800 euros for the p250 with 2.0 gasoline from 250 hp and for the d180 with another 2.0, but with diesel and strong 179 horsepower: standard for both the involuntary lane jump warning, the full LED headlamps, the automatic emergency braking active at all speeds and the terrain response integral traction system with three driving modes to tackle different types of terrain (mud , gravel, snow). The most expensive of the Land Rover Range Rover Velar is the p380 first edition led in the test, with the 3.0 HP gasoline 381, complete with sumptuous leather interiors, the rear differential with electronic control, the navigator and the pneumatic suspension.

2018 Range Rover velar P380 Review

The refined cockpit of the 2018 Range Rover velar P380 presents luxurious finishes, with the leather saddlery extended to the dashboard in the test car or with unusual solutions, such as the use of original wool blend fabrics that convey the feeling of traveling in a modern and refined living room. The plank, low and taut lines, is not intrusive and is dominated by two large screens (of 10 inches each) of great visual impact, which group in a fairly intuitive way all the services on board, including the sophisticated infotainment system. The latter may include the navigator which, among other things, indicates whether the fuel is insufficient to reach the chosen destination and points the distributors along the route. Also, once you park your car, an app sends the remaining route to your mobile phone to your destination. The elevated driving position is comfortable and, among the many electrical adjustments for the chair, there are those to widen or restrict the side, or to extend the support for the thighs. The sofa of the Range Rover velar can also accommodate three people, who benefit from a lot of air over the head; However, in relation to the generous size of the care-rozzer Ia, for the legs, there is not much else. It is also possible to criticize the absence of height adjustment for the front seat belts and the electronic handbrake lever on the left side of the bridge: it is hidden, and not accessible by passengers. The luggage is large (673 liters declared to the ceiling with the sofa in use), but not well accessible: the threshold is 84 cm from the ground and, once raised, the tailgate remains rather low (the highest can bump it with the head while loading the suitcases).

2018 Range Rover velar P380 Engine

The 381 horses of the 3.0 6-cylinder gasoline move with ease the 2018 Range Rover velar P380 first edition and, in acceleration, also emit a pleasant rumble (likely the “0-100” declared of 5.7 seconds and the maximum speed of 250 km/h). Although powerful, this is not a sports SUV: accomplices the effective air suspension (which in sports mode stiffens) agility does not disappoint at all, but there are more quick rivals. The Land Rover Range Rover Velar p380 First Edition is more appreciated in comfort, with a little challenging guide (the car has a precise steering and gives the impression of being smaller than it actually is) and a great couples of gear: The engine response (well tuned to the quick automatic gearbox complete with steering wheel levers for manual mode) is soft, the muffled cockpit (effective soundproofing and absorption of holes). Even in the off-road 2018 Range Rover velar P380 First edition if the quarry is very well: we overcame impervious mule invaded by mud and large stones, as well as lateral gradients in the order of the 27th. Not low the consumptions detected by the computer on board in the test on suburban roads, almost always dealt with moderate speed: about 7 km/l, against an average approved (however, not really… small) of 10.6.

2018 Range Rover velar P380 Interior Space

2018 Range Rover velar P380 Pros and Cons

>> Comfort. The cockpit is cozy as a living room.
>> Ease of driving. Even if it is a “big”, the Velar is allowed to lead with a finger.
> personality. Exteriors and interiors are distinguished by originality.
>> Accessibility to the trunk. The threshold is high and the opening of the small tailgate.
> details. There is no height adjustment for the safety belts and the electronic handbrake is uncomfortable.
> places behind. A 480 cm long SUV could offer more legroom.

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