2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Review; Comfortable and Agile

Monday, August 12th, 2019 - Opel
2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Release Date and Prices

The new Opel insignia becomes 2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport: It has more personality and convinces for comfort and ergonomics of the controls. Precise steering and lively the 2 liters diesel. But the manual gearbox does not shine for manoeuvrability.

2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Dimension; Bigger and lighter

The new generation of the German sedan changes to the bottom: to the point of deserving also a more articulated name, 2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport. Of the old model remains the general setting (three volumes with the tail just mentioned, a practical tailgate and front or full wheel drive), but the length grows by 6 cm (490 in total) while the weight drops, depending on the version, up to 175 kg. Prices start from 30,250 euros for the diesel 1.6 cdti from 110 hp (€750 more for the 136 horsepower version), but you can choose between gasoline and diesel engines up to 260 hp, front or full wheel drive and six-speed or automatic manual transmission. For the Always “popular” 2.0 CDTi (for now offered only with manual gearbox, the eight-speed automatic will come later) serve at least 32,500 euros, while for the family, which preserves the name of sports tourer and will arrive towards the end of June, an extra charge of 1,000 euros is required (the length is the same as the sedan and the trunk offers up to 1640 liters , against the 1530 of the car replacing). You should not miss a GPL version later. Only two productions (not counting the business, reserved for fleets): Advance and, at 2,050 Euro Plus, the rich innovation (“climate” bizone instead of manual, sensors of distance in front and behind, navigator).

Without far away from the lines almost from the coupe of the car that retired, this new 2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport is more personal and “masculine”: merit of the most crushed grille, deep ribs in the lower part of the doors and the finer headlights. That, on request, can be the IntelliLux of LED matrix (€1,450): In addition to the modules for dipped and main beams, each element has 16 extra diodes, each of which can be switched on and off individually, thus illuminating a different portion of the road. To govern them provides the electronics, which interpreting the images from the camera behind the windshield, activates and deactivates in sequence, so as to create shady areas around the other vehicles, not to dazzle the drivers, while always assuring a full illumination all around. The beam of light is also addressed within the curves, according to the movements of the steering wheel.

Fantasy? Not much

The external lines of the Opel Insignia Grand Sport are balanced, but certainly not innovative, nor the cockpit is allowed “head shots”: Well done, but not very personal, but boasts intuitive controls and correctly arranged on the horizontally developed bridge. On the latter there is the touch screen of the multimedia system, able to converse with the modern smartphones. Good materials and fittings: One can complain only of excessive use of rigid plastics on the door panels and the tunnel. Standard for all versions the OnStar safety system: by pressing the red button (or automatically, in case of a serious collision) it is communicated with an operating station that sends the rescue. With the blue button, you can ask for information on points of interest (restaurants, places, etc.), get a hotel room (newly introduced) and send the route to the navigator. And not lacking (on innovation) the partially digital dashboard, evolution of the one already seen on the newly retired insignia: between the two hand elements there is a screen of 8 ‘ ‘ in high resolution that can show the speedometer as the navigator, as well as many other information. Optional Hi-Hi Bose (550 euro) and even DAB digital radio (100 euro).

2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Price

Compared to the insignia just out of the scene, the driving position of the 2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport is lower (by 3 cm) and expanse; Really comfortable the ergonomic driving seat, provided with certification AGR (a German body that promotes the correct ergonomics of the armchairs), also adjustable in the length of the seat (the ventilation and the massage function, at €500, do not cost a madness, but the second is tied to the purchase of leather interiors, 1,900 euros). Thanks also to the lengthened pitch of 9 cm, the habitability is improved, especially behind: the cut of the doors allows to access folding less than the head than before. On the couch, in addition, only those who are taller than 190 cm are likely to “touch” (the house speaks of 8 mm more than a usable space, despite the car being lower than 4 cm). In front, instead, there is a couple of extra space fingers for the driver’s knees. If the occupants are more comfortable, the trunk is slightly smaller: 490/1450 liters, against the 530/1470 of the old model. In addition, the floor has swellings at the height of the posterior wheel. On the other hand, it is accessed through a large tailgate, and there is no lack of the backrest of the sofa divided into three parts and lowerable (95 euro, but the resulting plane is not flat).

For safety there is nothing missing

Many safety systems of the Opel Insignia Grand Sport. As standard there are the Opel Eye (involuntary Lane exchange warning with trajectory maintenance), the automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition and the reproduction in the dashboard of road signs. The adaptive cruise control is optional (750 euro) even on the most expensive innovation (and you can not have it on the base version). The blind angle control system is included in the Park & Go packages (750 euros or 1,400, with a 360 ° view of the car from the outside).

The 2.0 CDTi diesel engine of the 2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport is an “old acquaintance”: it has a vigorous pull from the low revs (difficult to doubt the 8.7 seconds declared to pass from 0 to 100 km/h, as well as the 226 km/h promised as maximum tip), although it is better to change gear before the 4000 laps (over, the thrust decreases). Just at the low revs however, as in full acceleration, some vibration emerges too. Pity then that (like the 1.6 cdti from 110 hp) This engine cannot be combined with the automatic gearbox (it will arrive, but still do not know when): the manual transmission is correctly spaced, but the lever has a slightly long stroke, the movements in the selector are “gummy” and the grafts are contrasted. Difficult, however, to find steering defects: it is accurate without being too heavy or “nervous” in speed and, accomplice the reduction of general weight, even forcing the gait the car is agile and little inclined to widen the trajectory. The Insignia Grand tourer is also promoted in comfort: cured (although not praised) the soundproofing and good (at least with the series tires of the car driven, 245/45 R 18) The absorption of the suspension, even in sport mode, when the shock absorbers with electronic control (System Flexride, to 850 euro) stiffen.

2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomics. The plank shows little imagination, but its commands are great, simple to use and locate.
  • Guide. Steering and suspension are to point. The first responds promptly without forcing continuous corrections straight and has the right weight; The latter contain well the roll in corners while absorbing effectively the roughness of the bottom, giving a good agility to this great sedan.
  • OnStar. No rival offers a voice assistance service that comes up to set up the remote navigator.


  • Trunk. It is smaller than that of the car that replaces and there are rivals (even shorter) that offer more space. Also, the bottom is not flat and the sofa split into three parts you pay.
  • Change. The manual one has contrasted grafts and a little sliding stroke; The automatic is not yet available with this engine.
  • supplied. Also on the richer version you pay to have DAB digital radio, adaptive cruise control and rear seats lowerable in three parts.

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