2018 Opel Crossland X Review; Spacious and Intuitive

Friday, August 30th, 2019 - Opel
2018 Opel Crossland X Redesign and Specs

The 2018 Opel Crossland X is German mini crossover has wide and cozy interiors, and with the 1.6 a 120 HP diesel engine you drive with ease. The rolling of tires on the asphalt, however, feels a bit too much.

The heir to the small MPV Opel Meriva is a “pocket” crossover: The Opel Crossland x, 421 cm long. Spacious and with a refined look, it was designed “four hands” with the French group PSA (Citro├źn, DS and Peugeot), which recently began acquiring the historic German brand. The 2018 Opel Crossland X is based on the mechanics of the “small” of the French group: from the platform on which it is built (here in updated version), up to the engines, the 1.2 gasoline from 82, 110 (also with automatic gearbox) and 131 HP and the 1.6 a diesel with 99 and 120 horsepower (at the end of 2017 will be added a unit to LPG). Already ordered, the Opel Crossland X will be in dealerships from 10 June 2017 with prices between 16,950 euros of the 1.2 less powerful (standard the lane exit notice, the cruise control and the radio with Bluetooth, but without the possibility of having the air conditioner) and the 23,450 euro of the 1.6 Innovation Diesel test (120 hp), a price that includes the alloy wheels of 16 ” , the OnStar system (always active online service and automatic call to emergency assistance in the event of an accident), the Wi-Fi hotspot, the two-zone automatic climate control, the infotainment system with Android car connections and Apple car play, the contrasting color roof (white, grey or black). There is a launch offer: 14,900 euro instead of 18,450 for the 1.2 advanced from 82 hp (standard all necessary, manual air conditioning included). Among the optional, the Opel Eye package (from 400 euros, available from September 2016) with driving aids, such as anti-shock sleep alert and automatic emergency braking (works up to 85 km/h). The sliding sofa is in the Versatility package (350 euro); The navigator costs 800.

2018 Opel Crossland X Interior

Spacious and overall well done (the top of the plank is soft to the touch), the cockpit of the 2018 Opel Crossland X is rather austere, but cozy. The imposing bridge offers commands arranged neatly and a clear screen at the Center for the multimedia system (effective integration with Android phones). The elevated driving position, with the seat AGR (500 euro, is certified by an independent body of specialists for the posture) well adjustable (also has support for the extensible legs), is comfortable; The sofa (fixed in the test car) does not have a very hard padding, and can accommodate without too many problems three adults. More than satisfactory the availability of objects, especially in the area between the seats and at the base of the console, where the USB sockets and the wireless charging point for the mobile phones are concentrated. The drawer in front of the front passenger is refrigerated. The trunk is capacious (410/1255 liters), has an access threshold not too far from the ground (72 cm) and offers a regular shape compartment. The 2018 Opel Crossland X 1.6 turbo diesel Innovation 120 CV also has the practical adjustable bottom on two heights: the highest one allows you to have a compartment below 12 cm high. By folding the sofa, you can load objects up to 172 cm long.

2018 Opel Crossland X Reviews

Although not the readiest at the low revs, the 120 horsepower of the 2018 Opel Crossland X 1.6 Turbo diesel Innovation guarantee a valid acceleration sprint (realistic the 9.9 seconds declared for the “0-100” and the 187 km/h of the official maximum speed). When shooting in fifth and sixth gear, however, there are less incisive Parsi. The steering, not too light, is more precise than ready, but it is tuned to the relaxed nature of this comfortable crossover. The suspensions filter most of the disconnections, but do not offer the maximum in fact of agility: the car is not awkward but, considering its small size, we would have said more responsive. However, the road seal does not create problems (Help the Tires 215/50 r 17, from 100 euro): The car responds intuitively and only exaggerating forces the ESP to intervene. The gearbox has a long lever and extended stroke: the insertions are quite precise, but a bit abrupt if you operate it in a more decisive way. Improved clutch pedal: it is rather consistent to press and, in the long, traffic can fatigue. More than appreciable the brakes and the soundproofing of the cockpit (effective also that of the engine): pity that, already around 100 km/h, the noise of rolling tires on the asphalt is clearly perceptible. Other note: The rear uprights of the roof reduce the lateral visibility (the camera is in the rearview pack, at 450 euro). Not bad the consumption detected by the computer on board: in the test, carried out on hilly roads, according to the instrument the car has traveled on average about 16 km/L (25 those declared).

2018 Opel Crossland X Strenght and Weakness


2018 Opel Crossland X Interior Capacity
  • Trunk. It is large and well exploitable.
  • Opel OnStar. Having a call center available 24 hours a day is a nice convenience
  • Steering. It has a good precision.


  • clutch. The pedal is not the lightest to press.
  • noise. The one generated by the rolling of tires annoys.
  • visibility. The shape of the bodywork reduces a lot of the rear side.

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