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Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 - Opel
2018 Opel Astra OPC VS GTC Full Reviews

The 2018 Opel Astra is a modern media, well made and moved by a “thousand” triple engine that propels 1500 rpm and lively by stretching well to almost 5000, with limited vibration. Without hesitations, the Exchange has undefined grafts and a lever path a bit long; with only five gears (neither of which too “long”), also with the highest shooting are pretty quick. A lot of safety technology, led matrix headlights like IntelliLux and the OnStar remote help system (standard and free the first year). Curated the sound proof, while the suspension works well and provide the right balance of stiffness and absorption. Good space for people, less than for luggage. Powerful brakes: you stop in a small space.

2018 Opel Astra Overview

Well done and enjoyable to drive, this Opel Astra five-door has under the hood a modern three-cylinder 1.0 turbo petrol from 105 HP, lively and very little thirsty: with 1.4 (four-cylinder aspirated and) from 101 HP, the old model had obtained lower performance and higher consumption (12.2 km/l on average). Docile even when driven brilliantly (only the maneuverability of the gearbox is a little below par), the car is not very tiring in traffic and on the highway. High security, thanks to the powerful brakes and led matrix headlights IntelliLux, each consisting of eight LEDs, five of them for high beam. Each led lights up its own portion of the road: a camera “looks” forward and, if it detects vehicles – activates a shutdown of those diodes that might dazzle, creating one or more “shadows”. Free for the first year (12 months then it cost 99 euros each, but your membership renewal is optional) remote assistance is also OnStar: pressing a blue button you are put in voice communication with an operator, from whom you can get an address or a list of points of interest (restaurants, bars, gas stations, monuments) and the distance setting of the Navigator of the car to reach them. End the call, just press a button on the screen and the voice prompts and a video is activated. There is no limit to the number of calls: the service works across Europe and the operator always replies in the language of your choice. In the same way, you can request assistance in case of breakdown or drilling: the new Opel have two years free roadside assistance. The SOS button, next to the green button, allows you to request emergency for an illness, an accident or other: when pressed, the car will communicate its position to the control unit and the operator will know where to send for help. In severe cases, like after a major shock, the distress call is automatically launched. If the car is stolen, OnStar can communicate operations center vehicle position and authorities, in order to encourage recovery, prevent from starting the engine. Additionally, with a free app for mobile, you can remotely control the status of the car. In the coming months should also be wi-fi enabled, to surf the web on board. The cockpit impresses with the space and the quality of materials and fittings: everything you touch gives an idea of solidity and attention. A bit small, however, the trunk.


The dashboard and controls. The bridge of the Opel Astra is lightened by a shiny black range (shooting in the center console), highlighted by an elegant aluminum profile. Rational and intuitive controls, with a few keystrokes (large) for the “climate” and the sound system; those behind the wheel, however, require some practice. In a positive light, “jar” details like the glove box devoid of interior finishes and the power window buttons back. The dash is simple, immediate and comprehensive reading (also the water thermometer). Many analog elements on the screen information, well defined. Inaccurate, though, the speedometer: 130 km/h indicating 124.5.

In five traveling well: space for legs and the head is not missing, nor on the couch. Only for your back would be nice some centimeters. Everything ok even without purchasing the leather seats with electric adjustment (optional): the “keep” without being too snug, the backrest moves with a handy scroll wheel and height adjusts itself with a short lever. The sofa is comfortable even for those sitting in the Middle: the tunnel in the floor is low and sitting just hanging. Deep pockets.

2018 Opel Astra OPC Reviews

Trunk. With a couch, the Astra has one of the smaller trunks, but not by much. To back down, instead, is more distanced from its most direct rivals. The opening has a regular shape, but from the threshold at the bottom, there is a “jump” of 25 cm. Treated details and sturdy felt coating. The bottom layer (concave) cannot be changed; not bad though the height until the awning (56 cm). Coach down, it forms a “rung” by ben 18 cm. Behind the side walls there are two first-aid kits, and to remedy the punctures.

Ne Opel Astra 2018 Test Drive

In town. Clutch and steering wheel of Opel Astra are light and the engine pushing from low revs. Effective suspensions. The Stop-Start (series) & causes some vibration at the start. In “retro” we see little: the distance sensors come in handy. Not bad the 14.5 km/l recorded by our instruments.

Out of town. In quick changes of direction, the car is agile, without being “nervous”; road holding on bends is high. Just use more impetuous changing shows some “roughness” grafts. Powerful and easy to dose the brakes; led matrix headlights (optional) have ready in the “right” to not dazzle diodes. Good Steering: if they appreciate the correct heaviness (is light, in particular, in maneuver) and good accuracy at all speeds. Low consumption: 18.2 km/l.

On the highway. At 130 km/h in fifth, traveling at 3200 rpm: a scheme is higher than that found for rivals with an edge, but not to the point of compromising comfort or increase consumption (we detected 14.7 km/l). Also in four, with luggage, the 1.0 not trudging; the soundproofing curated allows you to travel comfortably.

New Opel Astra Pros and Cons


Consumption. The thirst is modest: the Astra is averaging drinking as some superminis.
Braking. We stop in a small space and the plant is also quite resistant to fatigue.
Guide. The car is agile and ever challenging; the suspension “strong” should not be at the expense of comfort.
Security. Sophisticated led matrix headlights, driver assistance systems (Opel Eye) and remote support services (OnStar): you are in a “heart of steel”.


Trunk. Neither large nor well equipped: kind of a couch down, many rivals are better.
Rates. Travel to relax okay but in the brilliant Guide could be more precise and grafts the lever slightly less long.
Commands. Those in the steering wheel you have to … know them. And keys are window too much backlog.
Details. OK the collection; not so the drawer, “poor”, the non-coated and uncoated antenna on the roof.

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