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2018 Opel Ampera-e Dimensions

2018 Opel Ampera-E 100% Electric, the Opel Ampera-E has 204 hp and allows real autonomy over 350 km: enough for medium haul transfers. Long, however, the charging times.

For Opel, with its declared autonomy of 520 km (according to the European homologation cycle NEDC, 380 according to the specifications of the new standard WLTP) the 2018 Opel Ampera-E is the zero-emission car destined to revolutionize the electric car market. In fact, direct competitors stop at least 100 km before. Its powerful electric motor has 204 HP and well 360 nm of maximum torque. The batteries (under the flatbed, to keep the center of gravity) lithium ion are 60 kwh (a high capacity, compared with the 40 of the Renault Zoe and the 30 of the Nissan Leaf): They are formed by 288 cells, divided into 8 modules from 30 plus two by 24, and weigh 430 kg. The House declares that, with a rapid recharge, connecting the machine to a fast charge column of 50 km, in 30 minutes you can reach an autonomy of 150 km.

Monovolume, but without excess

The 2018 Opel Ampera-E (Nothing to do with the old homonymous sedan, 450 cm long, with a power unit assisted by a gasoline engine to recharge the batteries) is 416 cm long, it looks like “normal” mono volume, inconspicuous (the only detail from which you can understand that it is a zero-emission car is the lid of the power outlet on the left side, above the front wheel). The line is spinning, with the short and pointed bonnet, the long windscreen very inclined, the curved roof, the side crossed by a sharp rib and with the base of the windows that goes back towards the rear window. The front is made aggressive by the air intake in the bumper (behind the radiator for the cooling of the electric system) and by the elongated headlights, while the rear is massive, with the rugged bumper beam, the horizontal headlights and the small window surmounted by the spoiler.

2018 Opel Ampera-E Dimensions

The cockpit of the 2018 Opel Ampera-E is large and bright (especially in front, thanks to the large glazed surfaces). The armchairs are comfortable and the driving position is correct, with the seat high and the steering wheel well aligned to the pedals. The sofa, raised (underneath there is a part of the battery pack), lends itself to accommodate even three adults (at the center the floor is flat); space for the legs is not lacking and in height touches the ceiling with the head only who exceeds 185 cm of stature. The two-colour plank has a nice appearance: the advanced central part hosts the touch screen of 10.2 “and the controls of the” climate “, and the area of the glove compartment is dug to give ease to the legs of the front passenger. Pleasant the digital dashboard, with the display of 8 “that allows several configurations and is full of information, particularly on energy consumption and autonomy. The multimedia system is the known intelligent of Opel, which allows you to connect tablets and smartphones to play music files, view videos and images, call or use dedicated apps, accessing data stored in memory. Practice the dual rear USB socket (in the central cabinet), for charging mobile phones or tablets. On the Opel Ampera-and it is not lacking, of course, the service of personal assistance OnStar, now widespread on all models of the German house. Pity for some “oversights”: the absence of handles to the ceiling for the two rear side passengers, the adjustment of the backrest of the front armchairs, the plastic look a little poor of the lower part of the plank and the console. The trunk (of 381/1274 liters) is wide and deep (there are no batteries under the floor), and has the practical removable bottom and can be positioned on two levels. Instead, it is a bit high, for a minivan, the load threshold (77 cm from the ground).

2018 Opel Ampera-e Dimensions

On the road the New Opel Ampera-E is comfortable and pleasant to drive. The electric motor pushes strong as soon as the foot is sunk on the accelerator, giving the car an almost sporty shot (the 7.3 second officers in the “0-100” seemed realistic), and the suspensions control the lateral side of the bodywork in corners quite well (if not exaggerated with the “gas”). The steering is rather light in maneuvering, but not precise. In the city the dimensions of the machine are reasonable and the driving position raised promotes driving in the traffic, but in reverse maneuvers you are penalized by the rear window, small and far from the ground: better to rely on the rear camera. The Opel Ampera-E is a vispa minivan, but it remains a family car, with low center of gravity, heavy (exceeds 1600 kg) and that gives the best in quiet driving: The road and stability are good and comfort is not lacking because the suspensions are effective in “digesting” the holes. The braking is powerful, but you have to make a habit of the energy recovery mode, adjustable on four levels: with the selector in the console in the “low” position, the car slows down decisively, to stop, without even touching the brake pedal. Practice the lever behind the left race of the steering wheel: when actuated increases the effect of the motor brake (to the point that, to slow down, you can also forget the use of the pedal) to increase the regeneration of energy and recharge the batteries. As for the autonomy, the 520 km promised by Opel seemed difficult to replicate.

In our test, in good stride and on a mixed path we managed to travel 200 km with the Opel Ampera-E 2018, with the efficient computer on board that still indicated 130 km in the “tank”. It must be said that the external temperature was very low (what causes a certain loss of battery efficiency): For a short stretch, it even fell the snow. A performance that, however, is enough to make the Ampera-and a car suitable also for medium-haul trips, as well as a means that can be used every day to go to work, without the nagging need for a daily recharge. The batteries can be regenerated even by connecting the machine to the domestic socket, but the times are considerably lengthened: with a normal 2.3 kW system, 30 minutes of power is enough to travel only 6 km. So, better to equip yourself with a wall box to put in the garage (half an hour with a 7.4 kw system ensures an autonomy of 20 km), but this equates to shell out other money besides the purchase price (not really indifferent) of the machine. To see the new Opel Ampera-and you must still have a little patience: it will not arrive in the Italian dealers before the beginning of 2018.

2018 Opel Ampera-E Pros and Cons


  • habitability. Four adults travel comfortable, but also in five you are well.
  • autonomy. With the “full” of electricity you can also deal with medium-haul trips: One step ahead of the competitors.
  • Trunk. The compartment is of a regular and spacious shape. It is practical to take the bottom and adjustable on two levels, which in the highest position is flush with the threshold.


  • details. The plank and console plastics are rigid and there are no ceiling handles for those who sit on the couch.
  • reload. The domestic one is slow and the 50 kw rapid balusters are rare: you just have to buy a private wall box, with a burden of costs.
  • trunk threshold. It is high from the ground: lifting heavy objects to stow them in the trunk can send the back in crisis.

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