2018 Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic Lunga Performance, Interior, Specs

Friday, November 15th, 2019 - Mercedes
2018 Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic Lunga Dashboard Photo

Advanced autonomous driving systems, rich and comfortable Interior: The 2018 Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic Lunga is a hi-tech lounge. And, in the AMG version from 612 HP, it has remarkable performance. Remains the awkward lever of the electric handbrake

Almost four years after the launch, the Mercedes S is renewed: not so much in appearance (they change the bumpers, with the front one with ample air vents, and the headlights, with well 84 LEDs each), but “Underskin”. The largest of the Mercedes sedan is also offered with the new 3.0 to 6 cylinders fueled by diesel (286 or 340 horsepower) and gasoline (367 or 435 hp): the latter is equipped with an electrical system of 48 V which feeds an alternator (which also does from the starter motor), to provide an extra power to the thermal engine during acceleration and lower fuel consumption (it is a sort of micro hybrid system) , and an electric compressor, able to reduce the response time of the turbo. New also the V8 turbocharged gasoline engines, from 469 and (in the case of the S 63 AMG test) 612 horsepower (replaces the previous V8 5.5 from 585 hp). Both are combined with unpublished automatic 9-speed gearboxes, in the case of the AMG equipped with an oil bath clutch instead of the classic torque converter (the new transmission promises more responsiveness). The comfort is further improved by the integrated management of the Energizing (standard for the S 63 AMG) services, that coordinates various features (from cockpit lighting, with 64 shades of colour, to massage, ventilation and heating of the front seats, to air conditioning, music and fragrance) in a more or less relaxing way according to the desires of the passengers , transforming the cockpit into a kind of spa.

Refinement also for the many systems of help to guide the Mercedes S. The road Surface Scan, through the front camera, sees the disconnections of the road and adjusts accordingly the calibration of the shocks not to penalize the comfort: sin is only expected for the most luxurious S 600 and Maybach (560 and 650). They are standard, except for in the less expensive Premiums, also the device that turns the steering by itself following the road trend; What, inserted the desired speed with the cruise control and dialogue with the navigator, slows down the car in advance in the vicinity of Crossroads and curves; And what, inserted the direction indicator, performs by just overtaking. Already on sale and with deliveries from October 2017, the new 2018 Mercedes S AMG 4Matic Lunga has prices included between 94,220 euros of the S 350 D Premium diesel oil (286 hp) and the 207,900 euro of the Maybach s 650 with the 6.0 V12 petrol from 630 hp.

2018 Mercedes S AMG 4Matic Lunga Interior

Opulent and cared for in detail the cockpit of the 2018 Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic Lunga, covered with Nappa leather (standard). It inherits from the previous model the extensive digital instrumentation and the screen for the onboard services enclosed in a maxi tablet embedded in the dashboard: quite intuitive in operation, offers much configurable information in several ways. The driver’s seat has all the adjustments imaginable and, in the 63 AMG, also of the active supports for the hips: bearings that swell according to the trend of the curves to better support the torso. The many onboard services manageable by the knob between the seats require a certain apprenticeship, but they prove to be quite practical. Not the same can be said of the lever for the electric handbrake: at the bottom of the bridge, to the left of the steering wheel, it is hidden and not reachable by the passengers. Another aspect can be improved, the cover of the glove compartment between the seats: it is so large that, when it opens, it annoys (may interfere in the guide, it would be preferable a door in two parts). In this long wheelbase version (317 instead of 303 cm) the Mercedes S offers space at will for those who sit behind. In addition, the armchairs have an electrically back folding backrest and heating and refrigeration modes. Well accessible, the trunk has an appreciable capacity: 510 liters.

2018 Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic Lunga Performance

With well 900 Nm of maximum torque (already expressed at 2750 rpm), the 2018 Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic Lunga Turbo V8 is the one to be glued to the seat (the “tempore” of 3.5 seconds promised for the “0-100”, and even more the maximum speed autolimited to 250 km/h). Driven by electronically controlled air suspension (standard) and sport and Sport + driving modes (in total, are four and vary in a more or less sporty sense the answers of engine, steering, gearbox, shock absorbers and Electronic Systems help guide), the 2018 Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic Lunga has a surprising agility for a sedan from 526 cm and heavy 2 tons. The precise steering (but also light in Sport +) and the speed of the gearbox in selecting the gears (even with the manual function, complete with levers behind the steering wheel) entice a brilliant guide, which sorry to leave to the driver… Well the brakes (well modulated and powerful), also proposed with the discs brakes (8,479 euro); For the road holding it is helpful to the integral traction. For sports enthusiasts there is the AMG Driver’s package (3,294 Euro): It allows to raise the maximum speed to 300 km/h and includes an instrumentation with additional performance information. Despite the remarkable performance, however, this still remains a Mercedes S and the comfort is very high: noises (apart from the exhaust system, pleasantly sporty but always muffled) and disconnections of the road do not bother the passengers and, even with the most solid calibration of the shock absorbers, the absorption of the holes is confirmed effective. Consumption is not low: with a brilliant guide on suburban roads and on the highway, the board computer has calculated 6.6 km/L.

2018 Mercedes S63 AMG 4Matic Lunga Dimensions Interior Cabin


>> Comfort. Even by entering the sport driving modes.
> Guide. The car is fun and safe.
> engine-gearbox. The new units convince for smooth operation and rapid response.


> handbrake. The lever to activate it to the left of the steering wheel is uncomfortable.
> Road Surface Scan. Considering that this is the most expensive Mercedes sedan, this system that “prevents” the holes by calibrating accordingly the suspensions should be available for all versions.
>> space between the seats. The opening system is not practical.

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