2018 Lexus IS 300h Reviews, Release Date, Restyling

Monday, March 18th, 2019 - Lexus
2018 lexus IS 300h hybrid

Makeover for the 2018 Lexus IS 300h: the Japanese hybrid has a stronger front and revised Interior. Dynamic behavior has improved, but remains most comfortable sedan.

2018 Lexus IS 300h Redesign

Restyling of mid-career for 2018 Lexus IS 300h, the luxury brand of Toyota hybrid sedan. Now in its third generation, in Italy is available only in the version 2018 Lexus IS 300h: an alternative “green” German Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C. Driven by a four-cylinder 2.5 from 181 HP paired with a 143 total to 223 horsepower electric, has rear-wheel drive and a continuously variable ratio quick shifter which also allows the inclusion of six predefined marches with steering wheel paddles practices. Thanks to the Drive Mode, the engine response, steering and throttle return varies on several levels: Eco, Normal, Sport and (on models equipped with Adaptive variable suspension) Sport S and S + Sport. The battery is placed under the platform to ensure the trunk capacity of 450 litres.

Characterized by a complete design, with taut lines and slender and a tail nearly Coupe-like, the Lexus IS sports a sharp front that develops around the large mask: the air intakes were enlarged and the hourglass, more aggressive grille, is similar to that of the GS sedan. The headlights are more prominent and stretched downward, while daytime running lights shaped like an inverted L. Behind, the headlights are more pronounced and have a three-dimensional effect.

2018 Lexus IS 300h Interior Changes

468 cm long, with a wheelbase of 280, the 2018 Lexus IS 300h is a five-seater only four: the fifth passenger, in the middle of the couch, travels some sacrificed, due to the high Central Hall and sitting tight and stiff. The driver’s seat is well-shaped and electrically adjustable, as well as the steering column. Comfortable leather-covered seats, and with the adjustable lumbar support for the driver. Intuitive media system in superior equipment (F Sport and Luxury), features a new Central 10.3-inch touch screen, against the 7 “than the last. For ease of use, was added to the “Enter” key on the console. Improved sharpness of the monitor, within the control of a new mouse that replaces the “touch pad” (precious, when operating, the wrist rest on tunnel). There are plenty of external mp3 players and Smartphones. The bridge is oriented towards the driver, while most modern speedometer and tachometer, and been redesigned the center armrest. The digital dashboard reads fine in any light condition, and to enable the “climate” conditioner just touch electrostatic commands: swiping a finger vertically on the arrow cursors, the temperature varies by half a degree. Cured finishes and materials (plastic, wood and leather) pleasant to the touch. The new plant and 10 speakers Pioneer Premium Sound sound comes out spotless.

For the superior equipment (F Sport and Luxury, in the photos), the 2018 Lexus IS 300h update includes new safety systems, including the automatic adjustment of headlights, cruise control (combined with radar and the system that keeps the car in the lane), recognition of signals based on camera. This package (Safety System +) is optional (1,500 euros) on the Executive, while not available for the first of four productions (Business). That, however, has a rich Endowment: inter alia, 16 “alloy wheels, headlights, led daytime running lights, rear and, like the front fog lamps, automatic” climate “, navigation, rear view camera, automatic speed adjustment.
After pressing the Start button, as in all hybrids not perceived noise. It starts in electric mode (battery charging), then the four-cylinder gasoline engine activates memory power: at any speed, the sound proof cabin allows is effective. To travel in electric only mode just press EV on the central tunnel: the House promises two kilometres with zero emissions, at a speed not exceeding 50 km/h. The update made the Lexus IS more dynamic: the front suspension has been stiffened, while, in retrospect, are new the stabilizer bar and shock absorbers. Revised steering steering adjustment as well. A bit uncomfortable, though, the “retro” maneuver, the rear window slanted forces him to rely on the distance sensors.

2018 lexus IS 300h f sport interior

Great idea of 2018 Lexus IS 300h: the promised 8.3 seconds for the 0-100 “would have seemed realistic, as well as 200 km/h maximum peak (electronically limited). The guide is always safe and pleasant, even on disconnections: really stable, secure grip and the car has a smooth and progressive. The steering is accurate enough; the continuously variable transmission ratio, liquid if you travel safely, mal is combined with a sporty driving. Compared with an average of 21.7 km/l, at the end of our test (city highway) the onboard computer talking scored 15. Just under that with a small car: a good result. In the dealership in February 2017, from 41,000 euros (now the Executive is available in special price offer to 34,900 euros, with hand commuting).
In our opinion

  •  Drivability. The car communicates, thanks to a high grip.
  •  Quieter ride. In EV mode, two km with very little noise in the passenger compartment. And when it comes into action the internal combustion engine, the soundproofing is valid.
  • Hybrid system. The combination between the internal combustion engine and electrical one: good vivacity and lower power consumption.


  • Slow Change. If you search for sportsmanship, the CVT is not quick in response.
  • Fifth place. Behind, it seems there is a pair of armchairs: the fifth, Center, mezzanine, sofa and hard and sacrificed by travels from the tunnel.
  • Visibility. The rear window slanted rather makes it difficult the “retro”.

2018 Lexus IS 300h Reviews, Release Date, Restyling Pictures

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