2018 Kia Sportage Review, Interior, Pros and Cons

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 - KIA
2018 Kia Sportage Interior Updates

The 2018 Kia Sportage has an aggressive look is welcoming and spacious (large even the trunk). Available only for versions with front-wheel drive and the manual gearbox, the 1.7 turbo diesel engine (116 HP) is not silent but reasonable amount of power, low running costs; the car is safe but not of more manageable. The richest Class of the test comes standard with the Navigator (with free update of maps for seven years), 19 “alloy wheels and driving aid systems (such as those that report the inadvertent lane change and reproducing in the dash speed limit signs, beds on road signs from the front camera). In addition, as with all Kia, warranty is seven years (or 150,000 km).

2018 Kia Sportage Review: more spacious that handy

The fourth generation of 2018 Kia Sportage has a nice sporty appearance, now so fashionable. Managed, in particular, the front headlights staying on top. More sober the back that has the turn indicators in the bumper: are exposed to impacts. Despite the “habit” gritty, this car is a comfortable and spacious “handyman”. The guide is a little tiring: light steering, well manageable change. Passengers will enjoy the soft suspension: do not jump at each hole, but cornering agility are not exactly top notch. The 116 diesel 1.7 horses do not require much fuel and are sufficient to move relaxed. Only in shooting in sixth gear you would want a bit more verve. The cabin is spacious, bright and the bridge makes the scene (but only the top is soft to the touch, cheapest liner to the console). Nothing to fault the driving position: is raised (off the seat) and offers all the necessary adjustments (including in depth for the steering wheel) while the flat sofa with the reclining backrest (up to 37°) is welcoming. The availability of storage is more than adequate: capacious, in particular, that under the armrest between the seats, close to two portalattina. But no compartment is cooled with an air of “climate”. In Euro NCAP crash tests conducted in 2015 from the Kia Sportage received the highest rating (five stars), achieving good results in child protection.

2018 Kia Sportage Interior

Almost all commands of the 2018 Kia Sportage are arranged logically. The buttons in the console have generous dimensions and identify on the fly, and the wide screen (7) for board services we see well (it’s at the top, between the large jets of “climate”); the graphics are unpretentious, but the multimedia system offers many features. The audio quality is decent and the Navigator’s intuitive and precise. Standard Dab radio.

Although we are not talking about an oversized suv, the cockpit is large. Behind, in two you are comfortable, and well as three not traveling too tight.

The trunk is among the most capable of the category (503/1492 liters). The mouth is wide and regular shape, like the compartment which is rigid plastic coated sides easy to get scratched.

2018 Kia Sportage release date

2018 Kia Sportage Test Drive

In town. The engine of Kia Sportage is ready (but a bit noisy), the clutch anything but heavy; convenient to “control” the traffic the high driving position. The shocks work well on the pave: If you feel any Jolt, is “guilty” of lowered tires (245/45 R 19). The rear view camera (standard) helps in reverse speeds: behind you see little.

Out of town. Even in the ups and downs of hilly roads the 1.7 is not in trouble. If anything, it is the agility to remain subdued: body roll when cornering is firm and the steering is hardly direct. In any case, the road holding (helped by the generous tyre size) does not disappoint and the brakes are up to the challenge.

On the highway. In the cozy cabin filter especially aerodynamic hisses generated by mirrors, but engine noise (which at 130 km/h in sixth works at 2750 RPM) feels. Effective absorption of joints of viaducts. Not nearly as recovery (especially in last gear): after a slowdown, should climb.

2018 Kia Sportage Pros and Cons


  • Warranty. Complimentary coverage (seven years or 150,000 km) is much more extensive than that offered by all rivals.
  • Driving position. Causeway and adjustable at will, gives the impression of dominating the road.
  • Seats. Are large and comfortable. And the sofa is also adjustable in inclination.
  • Space. The trunk and the cockpit are great: in five traveling with very few sacrifices.

Why not

  • Finishes. Some deserve more attention: for example, the central area of the dashboard and the wall coverings of the trunk.
  • Guide. Despite the sporting aspect, this suv prefers quiet strides: isn’t the most manageable.
  • Direction indicators. The rear ones are at the bottom, the sides of the bumper that is at risk “touchy feely”.
  • Noise. That because motor alongside, above the threshold of 80 km/h, the potential wind noise.

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