2018 Honda Clarity fuel Cell Price and Release Date

Friday, June 7th, 2019 - Honda
2018 Honda Clarity Electric Review and Price

The 2018 Honda Clarity hydrogen sedan will arrive in the U.S. by the end of 2017. It is available only in California with leasing.

the 2018 Honda Clarity has the appearance of a traditional four-door sedan, albeit much more brave and elaborate style than the average. His body actually conceals a notch mechanics: the electric motor is powered by a fuel cell (fuel cell), whose energy source is hydrogen contained within a high-pressure tank. The Honda Clarity 2018 Must be considered one of the first production cars to use this type of fuel. This news is reflected in the price: the Japanese sedan will go on sale by the end of 2016 to a figure close to 60,000 dollars (55,000 euros at the current exchange rate) but can be rented by paying about $500 (460 euros) a month.

The payment formula of the 2018 Honda Clarity is very similar to that established for Toyota Mirai, the only production car fuel cell today on sale: the Mirai can be purchased at $58,335 or chartered to 499 dollars a month, a figure which includes the free availability of hydrogen for a maximum of three years. It is unclear whether the Honda provides for reductions of this kind, as the existence of a possible advance has yet to be established: the rental of the Mirai is unlocked by paying $3,649 on signing, but this possibility is not currently recognized by Honda. The company has established in any case offer Clarity initially in the form of rent, then start selling “free” when the market will be more mature.

The 2018 Honda Clarity will be orderable in four selected areas of California, within retail certificates: these are located in Los Angeles, in Orange County, in the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento. Honda expects sales numbers very low, relative to the size of the automotive market still underdeveloped for hydrogen cars: suffice it to say that in all of the United States there are just 14 hydrogen dispensers. The sedan should, therefore, be considered a sort of manifesto technic: door power a debut that could conquer a band of Loyalists, but at the same time makes more traditional models and volume trawlers. In 2018, for example, will be launched on the market a hybrid with rechargeable batteries (plug-in) built on the same platform as the Clarity.

2018 Honda Clarity Hybrid

this car will bring the first 2nd generation hybrid scheme, called i-MMD, that Honda’s hybrid system is more advanced than the Accord plug-in Hybrid: the technology is very similar, but the batteries will be more modern and will haul more. The Honda declares an autonomy in electric mode about 20 kilometers than the Accord Hybrid, capable of “only” 24 kilometers. The company stresses that the approximately 45 km of autonomy “electric” are more than enough to allow most u.s. motorists to take their daily transfers without producing harmful emissions, even traveling along motorways.

2018 Honda Clarity Release Date and Lease Option

the 2018 Honda Clarity represents the latest evolution of a project dating back to 2002 when Honda established to engage decisively on a hydrogen-powered car. Since then he has produced three generations of hydrogen cars (the others being the FCX of 2002 and FCX Clarity of 2008) that were leased only to selected customers and institutions. The Clarity is 489 cm long, four-door sedan, the numbers aren’t too different than an ordinary family sedan: the Japanese State a maximum power of 177 HP and a range of 700 kilometers, enough to eliminate the perception of having counted kilometers (typical of electric cars). It takes about three minutes to make a tank full of hydrogen. The technological aspect of the bodywork is also reflected in the Interior, where there are digital instrumentation and a large touchscreen: from here you can manage most of the functions.

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