2018 Ford S-Max Review, Interior, Test Drive, Trunk Space

Monday, July 1st, 2019 - Ford
2018 Ford S-Max Pros and Cons

The 2018 Ford S-Max is 480 cm long, angular lines of the bodywork became aggressive, can accommodate seven people in three rows of seats (the two jump seats in the trunk, suitable for children and adults, are optional) in a bright and spacious cockpit which, however, he finishes the good overall quality of machine undertone. High convenience on board thanks to the sliding sofa divided into three sections (15 cm) and fold down separately (by pressing a button on your system Easy-Fold, on request). Edge technology solutions including digital dash 10 “, the display of 8” media Sync system 2 and some driver assistance devices (standard and optional), like parking assistance system and cruise control with brake function. Comfortable and easy to drive (you can choose between self-leveling suspension and adaptive ones), is a car easy to drive and safe. In addition to the 150 HP diesel 2.0 valid from, also available in variations of power from 120, 179 and 209 horsepower, there are also the Ecoboost 1.5 (160) and 2.0 (241 HP) petrol engine. Available 4 x 4 traction (for 2.0 to 150 oil and 179 horsepower) and the dual-clutch automatic gearbox or robotized.

The 2018 Ford S-Max is a great minivan, comfortable and with a large cabin with seven seats in three rows of seats, yet has a sleek for a car of this kind: sharp, penetrating strokes front and arched roof gives impetus to the imposing bodywork. A dynamic that is reflected in the valid road behavior, favored by the electronic suspension (1,750 euros) that make it enjoyable to drive and agile this “big car” for over 1600 kg. Convincing the diesel 2.0 from 150 HP and the dual-clutch automatic transmission (2,000): guarantee a smooth ride. The Titanium tested is one of the more expensive versions: standard has 17 “alloy wheels and involuntary leakage alerts from the lane and excessive tiredness of who’s the boss (two devices not intended for Plus, which costs 2,500 euros less). Considering the price, though, the fixtures are subdued; and they are only optional parking sensors, important given the poor rear visibility. Very good the result in Euro NCAP crash tests carried out by an independent institution, which granted to the car the maximum rating (five stars).

2018 Ford S-Max Interior

To improve the finish of the Ford S-Max: lines look just fulfilling for a car for over 30,000 euros, and are not free of squeaks. Instrumentation, enclosed in the big screen of 10 “, is rich and easy to read. The infotainment system (with 12 speakers, navigation and automatic call service of emergency assistance in the event of an accident) costs 1,000 euros and has features (such as setting the temperature of the “climate”) that can be activated by voice.

The cockpit is spacious front and rear: even five adults are comfortable. The driving position is raised; the Titanium (3,000 euros), the Chair (which is also heated) can be equipped with extended way power. The three comfortable second-row seats are among the most successful notes: can slide individually by 15 cm and, via buttons on the side of the trunk, they fold themselves. The two places to travel in seven costing 1,500 euros, but are fine for a maximum of two toddlers or very short transfer because the seat is low, hard and upright backrest and there is hardly any room for feet and legs: adults have nearly the knees to mouth.

2018 Ford S-Max Redesign

2018 Ford S-Max Trunk Capacity

The trunk of the S-Max is great, practical and (thanks to the sliding sofa) well exploited. The height of 55 cm from the floor to the awning allows superimposing two large suitcases. Good load threshold, not too high (62 cm) from the ground.

Test Drive

In town. The steering of the 2018 Ford S-Max light, automatic transmission and good absorption of Rails and pavé help. But the bodywork 480 cm long and poor rear visibility are out. However, there is the Active Park Assist (750 euros): identified the space that is required, making the parking maneuver, turning the steering wheel. Not bad, the average consumption of 13.3 liters.

Out of Town. Enjoyable to drive, the car has a spirited engine, steering precise and powerful brakes. With paddle shifters behind the wheel, you can also select the gears pretty quickly. Convenient cruise control (standard): prevents to exceed the limit (reproduced in) read by the camera on road signs. The average distance is about 17.9 km/l

On the Highway. This car is comfortable and quiet (at 130 km/h on 2.0 is at 2200 rpm in sixth and feels slightly) but, to keep the set temperature, sometimes the ìclimaî emits jets of air too cold or too hot. After a slowdown, the recovery is rapid. Useful adaptive cruise control (1,000 euros with automatic braking). Normal consumption, equal to 13.9 km/l.

2018 Ford S-Max Pros and Cons

  • Comfort. The seats are well made and the spacious cockpit is soundproofed.
  • Safety equipment. The driver‘s knee airbag are standard and there is so many electronic aids (like that against hit of sleep).
  • Brakes. The system ensures rapid deceleration.
  • Guide. For a heavy yielding, not suspensions, MPV is agreeable: precise steering, the quick response of engine and gearbox.
Why not
  • Air conditioning. The operating logic is to improve: sometimes creates differences in temperature annoying for passengers.
  • Standard equipment. Having regard to the price and the type of car, at least the adaptive cruise control and the remote sensor should not be among the options.
  • Parking brake. Should be immediately visible, and better accessible.
  • Visibility. The rear is really difficult.

2018 Ford S-Max Review, Interior, Test Drive, Trunk Space Pictures

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