2018 Fiat Station Wagon Review, Test Drive, Dimension, Trunk Space

Thursday, July 25th, 2019 - Fiat
2018 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Dimension

Like the other Type (four-or five-door) even standard 2018 Fiat Station Wagon is comfortable and has an attractive price/equipment ratio. In addition, it is practical and offers plenty of room for luggage. Understated in looks and well-proportioned appearance, with the 1.6 turbo diesel engine ensures low fuel consumption (18.2 km/l average) and valid performance (even picking up). The guide is safe and does not pose a difficulty, though the clutch pedal is hard to push.

2018 Fiat Station Wagon Review

Identical to other Fiat Tipo in front, where stands the disposable mask beaded barrette, 2018 Fiat Station Wagon version is distinguished by the different back (well harmonized with the rest of the car) that makes it simple and pleasant appearance. The tested car is moved by the tested 1.6 Turbo 120 PS (there is also a diesel 1.3 from 95 HP), already used for many Fiat: confirms fluid, brilliant and, above all, not “drunkard”. The car is agile and safe: good road holding, well even the brakes. Steering and gearbox are rated for tourist and strides you maneuver well. The clutch pedal, instead, is heavy enough to press. The cabin is spacious, bright and in its sobriety, even pleasant. Next to any economy, as rigid plastics for door panels (enhanced, however, by a fabric), you notice details, such as the screen (7 “) type tablet into the console for infotainment. Despite being among the most expensive Station Wagon Type (the cheapest is the 1.4 95 HP, gasoline 17,700 euros Easy), that tested is cheaper of rivals and is by no means Spartan: comes standard with the automatic “climate”, radio with Bluetooth and rear sensors away. The Easy (with the same accessories but with air condition manual and without cruise control) saves 1,400 euros.

At an attractive price (350 euros in Safety Plus package) are two optional technology. The first is the adaptive cruise control, which is not limited (as traditional devices) to enforce the auto cruise control set, but, through the radar located in front and acting independently on the accelerator and brakes, maintains a constant distance from vehicles ahead (a distance that the driver can choose, by viewing it in the glove compartment, with the buttons in the steering wheel). The second is the emergency automatic braking: front radar monitors the area in front of the car and, if it detects the risk of a collision, it alerts the motorist (with acoustic and visual signals); and, in an emergency, get to activate the brakes alone. The Fiat Tipo Sedan is more refined than others because it does not only at low speed. By the way, with this package the car scored four stars (out of a possible five available) in the Euro NCAP crash tests; No, I miss one.

2018 Fiat Station Wagon Interior

Classic aspect (tachometer and speedometer with hands, indicators for fuel and water temperature), the dashboard of 2018 Fiat Station Wagon is complete (much information is provided by the Center screen) and well protected against reflections. The seat supports the body properly and has extensive regulations (such as the steering wheel, adjustable in depth): only one (jerky, via leverage) for the back isn’t the most practical. However, the driving position is comfortable, simple commands arranged rationally: for example, the three knobs on the “climate” (automatic, but/1 zone) in the console are easy to use. The glove compartment are numerous; practical, in particular, that at the base of the console, close to the Aux, Usb and 12 v. No compartment is refrigerated (a car intended for family and travel should predict it), and you can’t have the cd player. About multimedia, infotainment system with extended (7 “) screen in the dashboard (adding 750 euros you have the Tech package, with navigation, Dab radio and rearview camera), easy to use, has a stylish graphics and good sound. UconnectLIVE services provide access to social networks (Facebook and Twitter), music libraries (Deezer), 100,000 online radio (TuneIn) and news (Reuters news agency).

If you are traveling in four there are problems of space (plenty as well over the head of who’s behind). Three on the couch isn’t bad: the seat is flat and the floor has no obstacles or protrusions.

2018 Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Specs

2018 Fiat Station Wagon Trunk

With five seats in use, the type is among the most spacious of the wagon category (550 liters): under the awning can fit two valigione hard plastic. Folding up the couch, you can carry long objects over 170 cm. Among the details that make the loading there is the wide opening of the door (up to 103 cm in width and height 76). The plan can not only be locked at an angle of 45┬░ (for better access to space below), but you can fix on two heights. The side walls (behind the wheel arches) are removable, to load bulky items.

2018 Fiat Station Wagon Test Drive

In town. Despite its size, standard 2018 Fiat Station Wagon is not uncomfortable in traffic: visibility from the driver’s seat is adequate (short, though, the window wiper brush) and the City (is activated by a button on the console) lightens the Steering at low speeds. The suspension, while yielding little, “smooth” the disconnections. Pity that the clutch is not just a feather. In traffic, we detected an average of 16.4 km.

Out of town. You can travel relaxed, thanks to the regularity of an engine that is also quite lively and may face the most brilliant gaits. The six-speed fall easily and the Steering has good accuracy (less acceleration is only slightly more decisive, wheeled steering). Promoted the brakes. The average consumption detected was 20.4 km/liter.

On the highway. The soundproofing is edited and the sound of 1.6 (which, at 130 km/h, works at 2350 RPM in sixth and allows you to take an average 15.9 km/liter) is low. In high-speed corners addressed, even with joints in asphalt, the car is stable. After resuming speed slowdowns with due promptness even without scaling.

2018 Fiat Station Wagon Pros and Cons


Trunk. To the couch is among the roomiest in the category and has practical solutions, as the bottom that you can block once raised.
Comfort. Traveling well: the cockpit is spacious and well insulated from the noise by disconnections.
Engine. Consume little, has all the panache that is soft in the delivery and does not make any noise.
Price. Is among the most affordable ones, in spite of a complete standard equipment.

Why not

Clutch. It is not light: especially in the queue, it can become stressful.
Cd player. In a practical and aimed at an audience traditionalist, should be available at least as optional: not everyone listens to music by loading it in USB sticks or with Smartphones.
Rear wiper. Brush detergent is really short.
Refrigerated compartments. Can’t have anyone, even for a fee.

2018 Fiat Station Wagon Review, Test Drive, Dimension, Trunk Space Pictures

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