2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Reviews, Engine, Specs, Prices

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2018 Ferrari Gtc4 Lusso T Test Drive and Reviews

The new 2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is the rear-wheel version of the GranTurismo presented in 2016. And it is the first four places of the Cavallino to mount an intoxicating V8 Biturbo.

Just under a year ago, the House of Maranello transformed its FF into the Ferrari GTC4Lusso (read our driving impressions here): In addition to more aggressive forms, the Cavallino GranTurismo was equipped with an even more powerful aspired V12 (689 horsepower instead of 660) and the four steering wheels, without giving up the full traction or the four seats combined with a bad trunk. In short, a “red” for all occasions. In the GTC4Lusso T, which is flanked by the 12-cylinder version, the traction is rear (as in the tradition of the models of Maranello) and, under the long bonnet, pulsates a 3.9 V8 Biturbo from 610 horsepower. In substance, the propeller is the same as California T, but thanks to new pistons and manifolds of modified suction and exhaust, as well as a different mapping of electronics, in this version provides a further 50 hp. I mean, there’s some fun.

2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Design and Style

The new 2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T was born to meet the needs of a younger clientele (estimated age between 35 and 45 years) compared to that of the 12-cylinder version, that does not feel the necessity of the integral drive and requires even more strong dynamic qualities, made possible by the lower weight (55 kg of difference) and by the new electronic systems for the control of the car. Customers, however, not willing to renounce the luxury, inserted in the DNA of the car. For this, the cockpit of the new four seats combines sportsmanship and care for details, with fine finishes that include leather upholstery also for the plank (which, however, in conditions of strong external light, is reflected in the windshield). There are also the four air vents inspired by the speakers of a jet plane, and on request, you can have details in carbon in the console, as well as in the steering wheel. The instrumentation is divided into three areas. In front of the driver, the dashboard contains all the information in two configurable screens; The only hand tool is the tachometer, at the center of the instrumentation, together with the gear indicator inserted. It would still be bad a head-up display system to project the main information on the windshield in front of the driver.

Also for the second row of seats are planned to envelop single armchairs that make you feel a whole with the car. Of course, access is not the easiest, since the doors are wide, but the roof of the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is only 138 cm from the ground (as it is just for a sporty): which obliges to bend a lot. But even getting out of the seats, sunken, and exiting the cockpit is not comfortable. For now, four-door Ferrari is not talking… Practical, on the other hand, the trunk: that, despite having a plane on two levels, has a capacity (record, for a Supersport) of well 450 liters, which become 800 giving up the two seats behind. And it is accessed by a small tailgate, for a car of this kind.

We leave from the village of Monteriggioni, a few kilometers from Siena, ready to enjoy almost 300 km of roads with fast stretches and winding stretches between the hills of Siena and the coast of Maremma. Started with a button on the steering wheel, the V8 Biturbo makes it feel for a moment its hoarse and profound sound, but once asses tatsoi to the minimum (just below 1000 laps) His voice is far from intrusive. From the driver’s seat the 2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T include respect. On the first are the size of the long bonnet and the considerable width of the hips to require more attention, but you get used to it quite quickly. Much more complicated is to unravel among the many commands on the steering wheel: In addition to the inevitable “cuff” (change the settings of the car on five positions: snow, wet, comfort, sport and ESP Unplugged), the buttons for the direction indicators, to adjust the electronic shock absorbers, the keys to switch from the dipped beams to the dazzling, those to answer the phone. In addition to a wheel to adjust the speed of the front wiper. I mean, it takes a lot to not get confused. With regard to controls, the electronic handbrake lever is not in the best position: it is located to the left of the steering wheel, unreachable by the passengers in case of emergency.

2018 Ferrari Gtc 4 Lusso T Fiche Technique

2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Performance – 0-100 Km/h

We travel the first kilometers between the Sienese state in Souplesse, appreciating the usability of the 3.9 V8 and the sweetness of the double clutch transmission with seven gears. In automatic mode always chooses the best ratio, but just “caress” the long aluminum palette behind the steering wheel to select in men that do not say a different gear (among other things, holding the left lever in the climbing, the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso T “passes” more gears one behind the other). Accelerating from low revs (between 2000 and 2500 RPM) The timbre of the V8 is not the most satisfying, especially when compared with the “Symphony” of the 12 cylinders, but it improves as the hand of the tachometer rises. Also, forcing the gait, the thrust is to take your breath away, and you are in a few moments at 7500 laps, when the change passes in a blink of an eye (unless you have selected the manual mode) to the next gear; However, the feeling is that the eight cylinders still have a lot to give. The acceleration is burning and the gears will off one after the other quickly: the time declared for the “0-100” is only 3.5 seconds, while (always according to the house) touch the 200 km/h in 10.8 seconds.

On the mixed, the steering of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is as accurate as possible and the rear steering wheels give an additional help, encouraging agility in the most tortuous traits and stability in fast ones: one forgets the 1865 kg dry weight. The road is very high, even when the road is not perfectly smooth: in this case, simply select the softest setting of the trim, while maintaining the sports mode for differential, gearbox, motor and electronic stability controls. The powerful brakes (the house declares 33 meters to stop from 100 km/h and 137 from 200 km/h) are maintained effective, even if “tortured” at the entrance of each hairpin; In the long run, however, a slight lengthening of the pedal stroke, which does not compromise the braking spaces, must be taken into account.

2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Pros and Cons

Why Yes

  • Trunk. Hardly a sporty one appreciates the trunk. But the advantage of traveling in four with suitcases in the hereafter is not recently.
  • Guide. The steering is ready, and the four steering wheels exalt the agility in corners. Even on uneven funds.
  • versatility. This GranTurismo is also appreciated without squeezing it thoroughly: you could use it every day.

Why not

  • Commands. The steering wheel is a concentrate of keys and levers. It takes time to get used to.
  • reflections in the windshield. In strong light conditions, different parts of the plank are annoyingly reflected in the front crystal.
  • rumble at low revs. Resuming speed from 2000 rpm, the “voice” of the eight cylinders is not pleasant.

2018 Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Reviews, Engine, Specs, Prices Pictures

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