2018 BMW X7 Preview, Redesign of Range Rover Velar Competitor

Sunday, December 1st, 2019 - BMW
2018 BMW X7 DImensions and SUV Capability

Some spy pics show the concept car that anticipates the series model of the BMW X7, the rival SUV of the range Rover. So much space-the great News awaited by BMW for the Frankfurt Motor Show (12-24 September) will be the prototype of the 2018 BMW X7, 7-seater SUV about 500 cm long destined mainly to the United States, where this kind of cars are most popular: in The same category is, in fact, the Range Rover, Mercedes GLS, and Cadillac Escalade. The X7 Concept is anticipated today by some images that appeared online in advance of the official announcement. The shots leave no doubt about the shapes of the car, which has a large hexagon-shaped front bezel, the thin headlights and the recess on the side, which appears very clean thanks to the handles hidden in the bodywork.

2018 BMW X7 Release Date and Price

the imposing bodywork will be emphasized by the chrome motif around the side glass or on the sides. Also the 2New BMW X7 Concept will have the United taillights, recently seen a solution on the Porsche Panamera and Cayenne. The dashboard does not betray the typical setting of BMW, accomplice the central cabinet facing the pilot, although many finishes used will not be approved on the model in the dealers: the details in polished metal will be replaced by more Sober wood or leather upholstery. The BMW X7 Concept should only adopt 6 and 8-cylinder engines when it arrives on the market, probably in the second part of the 2018.

Netizen response

In proportions, it can only delight in China and America. Front and rear pass, but the side view makes it very ungainly. As an idea of style is just passable, but again, it is not conceived to be appreciated here in Europe.

By the majority of people, but I do not understand why you should not have the opportunity to have models like these. SUV Models I mean! Because face an SUV is this. An SUV is large and spacious and multipurpose. Not like those craps that circulate right now to stay in the “fashion” and to get into the thought that you take an SUV. No, you take some ridiculous things that are neither in heaven nor on earth… In Europe. And anyway the GLS/GL sells well, so much so that it serves that BMW and Audi will adjust.

2018 BMW X7 Rear Angle Pictures Style Large SUVS

True, it reincarnates the concept of SUV. However, I am led to think that it is not made to sell here in Europe more than anything for the very demanding dimensions. It is true that cars of this type still sell, the GLS or the range Rover is an example but it is also true that as such cars sell especially in America and China, the crossovers here have a greater follow-up. Then honestly I would not even make a comparison between SUV and crossover since the latter do not even have the claim to have Fuoristradistiche, but only the look that reminds the details. It’s a bit like comparing a C segment to a D segment in the end. Then the criticisms are purely subjective, I do not see anything bad in the crossover because they manage to associate with a good visibility of driving, thanks to a higher center of gravity, even more, versatility and space of an average or saloon of equal size.

2018 BMW X7 Preview, Redesign of Range Rover Velar Competitor Pictures

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