2018 BMW i5 pReviews ; Green and HiTech

Friday, May 17th, 2019 - BMW
2018 BMW i5 Design

After the subcompact i3 and the sporty i8, the German company is working on a low-power media sedan 2018 BMW i5

2018 BMW i5 Specs, Release Date and Price

RESEARCHED ASPECT-the third member of the family will be a hybrid sedan BMW ecological approximately 450-460 cm, known for now with the name i5 resumed many aesthetic and technological solutions utilitarian views i3 and the sporty i8: as you can see from our reconstruction, the BMW i5 will have elongated head upwards, the rear pillar-mounted effect and a cabinet door opening mechanism , which will facilitate the entrance on board and gives the car a technological aspect. Our design is based on the images appeared on the network in October 2016 taken from the patent filed by Bavarian House (read more here). BMW dealerships by the end of 2017 and should arrive in the i5 will retail for about 50,000 euros.

mechanical base does not betray the overall setup of the car and will be very evolved, thanks to the use of materials more expensive and sophisticated than those normally used: the passenger cell is made of carbon fibre and the platform will be made of aluminum. The goal is to contain the weights, balancing so the burden caused by batteries, which will be placed close to the ground so that the road will not be compromised. BMW i5 will have a hybrid engine with rechargeable batteries with about 250 HP, which will guarantee low consumption of gasoline: the owners don’t have the hassles of finding an outlet for charging batteries, as “pure” electric cars.

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2018 BMW i5 Release Date and Proce

2018 BMW i5 pReviews ; Green and HiTech Pictures

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