2018 BMW 4 series Cabrio; 430i Cabrio Reviews

Thursday, August 15th, 2019 - BMW
2018 BMW 430i Cabrio Changes

2018 BMW 430i Cabrio Reviews – Slightly retouched (along with the coupe and the Gran Coupé), the new BMW 4-series Cabrio is even more aggressive. In the guide knows how to combine sportsmanship and comfort. Orders already open.

2018 BMW 430i Cabrio Overview

Born in 2014, a year after the coupe, the BMW Series 4 Cabrio was submitted by the designers of Monaco to read changes: New headlights (more edgy and modified also in the interior design of the headlamps, LED series), headlights, bumpers and rims. There are also two new colors: the orange sunset (the one of the car in the photos) and the blue Snapper Rocks. Small interventions, not to alter too much the look of a model that in a few years, in its three variants (there is also the Grand coupe, elegant and spinning four doors), has been able to conquer 400,000 customers worldwide: especially in the United States, but summing up the various European countries (Germany and England in the head), more than half of the BMW 4 series (whose production is all German , in three different factories, one per model) remain in the old continent.

No distortion even in the cockpit of the BMW 4 series Cabrio, always well finished and sporty. It is appreciated however the new digital dashboard, which changes graphics according to the mode of driving and (unlike those of other houses) gives a feeling of depth, thanks to thin inserts in metal colored plastic. Also revised the multimedia system, which does not lack the connection functions or (for 410 euros) the possibility to create a Wi-Fi network on board. Complete the new panel inserts for the plank and doors: choice, in wood, in glossy black synthetic material or in carbon-effect printed aluminium. Small changes also to the keys of the window, with subtle chrome inserts at their base. Beautiful double seams for leather upholstery, repeated also for the plank: even for the series, in plastic (leather, costs 1,300 euro), with a rather forced final effect. All the changes are also common to the other BMW 4 series, the coupe and the Gran Coupé, already ordered (like the Cabrio) and with the first deliveries planned for late spring.

2018 BMW 430i Cabrio Engine Specs

of the BMW 4 series Cabrio customers appreciate the elegance and sportsmanship, but also the comfort: That’s why, on the occasion of the restyling of mid-career, were not stiffened the shock absorbers, as instead was made for the BMW 4 Series coupe, which ranks a step higher in terms of dynamic quality (at the top of the pyramid there is the M4 , updated only in aesthetics). The Cabrio and the “normal” coupés have also been modified in the calibration of power steering, ABS and stability control. No news about the engines, all turbo: The petrol units were updated in March 2016; Those with diesel oil have about 12 months more, but they are still more than current in technology. In Italy, it starts from the 190 horsepower of the four-cylinder turbo diesel 420d (the same unit, in the 224 CV version, equips the 425d); Only the coupe and the Gran Coupé also have a variant of 150 CV, the 418d. With the diesel engines both arrives at the 313 horses of the six cylinders of the 435d (258 for the 430d). Gasoline turbos depart from 252 hp (the four cylinder of the test car) to reach the 326 of the six-cylinder 440i. At the top there is the M4 from 450 hp, version not available for the Gran Coupé.

2018 BMW 430i Cabrio MSRP and Launch Day

Ready to go

To welcome us to Munich, where the BMW is located, is an unusual snowfall, forcing the technicians of the German House to mount in the middle of the night winter tires on all the test cars. Fortunately in the days before the sun was not missed and the photographers had been able to do their job, “discovering” without problems the Cabrio (operation possible even in March, up to 18 km/h). For our test we have available the BMW 440i Coupe and the 2018 BMW 430i Cabrio, both rear wheel drive (the first, however, will arrive in Italy are in the four wheel drive version xdrive,). We also try both, appreciating the coupe the extraordinary qualities of the six-cylinder gasoline. Much less satisfying the four cylinders of the BMW 430i Cabrio, at least in terms of sound and of the long: it goes strong, but does not conquer all the way. The 252 horses, however, make more than credible the 6.3 seconds declared for the “0-100” of the automatic version of our test (the tip, on the other hand, is self-limited to 250 km/h: we trust the word).

2018 BMW 430i Cabrio Redesign

On the mixed traits the new 2018 BMW 430i Cabrio is fun, but the thick risers on the sides of the windshield limit the view (bad rear). And, in sport mode, the power steering has an unnecessarily heavy calibration. Instead, the electronically controlled shock absorbers (1,160 euro), which exalt the double soul of this car: fast when you want, comfortable if you go for a walk. It also confirms the automatic eight-speed gearbox of the test car (in the sport version with vanes at the wheel, which raise the price of another 210 euro). About comfort, the retractable roof offers impeccable soundproofing and does not give rise to’re (someone, on the other hand, warned him from the bridge: Since what we drove was one of the first specimens, we hope it was a “sin of Youth”). After more than 100 km, under a heavy snowfall, it is time to resume the trolleys from the trunk: There are two just because, with open hood, closing the bulkhead separating the area reserved to accommodate the roof the capacity of the compartment drops from 370 liters to 220. At the end of the test, the on-board computer indicated an average consumption of 10 km/litre (compared to the 15.9 homologated). But we didn’t save ourselves.

2018 BMW 430i Opinion

Why Yes

  • Digital Dashboard. It reads well and provides a lot of information. It is configurable and unlike that of other houses it does not give the feeling of watching a flat screen.
  • finishes. On board the care for details is remarkable. They even added subtle chrome plating under the Keys of the window: a finesse.
  • versatility. A four-seater has a double soul: sporty and comfort lover.

Why not

  • Steering in sports. Leaving the comfort driving mode to switch to the more sporty, the power steering increases the wheel’s consistency too far.
  • Sound of the engine. The four-cylinder turbo gasoline is powerful but does not have a voice that conquers.
  • visibility. In curves the thick uprights (especially the left) to the sides of the windscreen disturb. Very limited the view back.

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