2018 Abarth 124 Spider Review, Gas Mileage, Interior & Trunk, Prices

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 - Abarth
2018 Abarth 124 Spider Interior

Built on the basis of the Mazda MX-5, the 2018 Abarth 124 Spider is inspired by the style of the homonymous model of 40 years ago: from the front to the tail, without neglecting the black bonnets (but wanting you can have it in color with the rest of the bodywork). Unlike the Japanese spider with which it is produced, the discovery of the Scorpion mounts (instead of an aspirated engine) a peppered 1.4 turbo, fluid in everyday use, but rabid when you can give vent to its 170 horses. Personal and engaging the rumble, while the mechanical self-locking differential improves the traction of the rear wheels in the curve output. To give a high driving pleasure contributes the reduced weight of the car (only 1060 kg), among other things distributed optimally on the two axles. Well finished the cockpit; However, the navigator is an extra, in turn bound to purchase an expensive package. Too bad for the steering wheel not adjustable in depth.

2018 Abarth 124 Spider Review

It is not only for the 30 more horsepower than the Fiat 124 Spider that this 2018 Abarth 124 Spider conquers. Is the character that is different: this variant with the Scorpion logo is more “pungent” in terms of performance, sound (intoxicating the rumble emitted from the exhaust to four outputs record Monza), trim (stiffer) and brakes (the front ones have Brembo calipers). And also the interiors, where there is a wide use of Alcantara are by Vera Abarth. The car is produced in Japan, together with the Mazda MX-5, with which in addition to the chassis, it shares the self-locking differential and the front brake discs of 280 mm (in the Japanese spider used for the version with Engine 2.0). Specific for two Scorpion places the shock absorbers and springs. In addition, some works are carried out in Turin by the Officine Abarth of Mirafiori: The black painting of the bonnets and the personalization of the interiors with the upholstery in leather and Alcantara. Light, agile and well balanced, the Abarth 124 spider has precise curve inserts, while the rear self-locking differential ensures the best traction even when (on the track, off the ESP) you can try out spectacular skid. In sport the 1.4 turbo (produced by the FCA group) gives the best of itself from 2000 to 6500 rpm, just before the limiter intervenes; In normal, however, performance (and consumption) is even lower than that of the Fiat branded Spider. The use of the gearbox, the short lever and the precise, slightly contrasting grafts is pleasant. But for the more “lazy” you can also choose the automatic, always six-speed. Among the optional, the indispensable distance sensors (with the car closed, the rear visibility is poor): However, they are in an expensive package (called visibility), with headlights and daytime LED lights. In another package (sound plus) there is the automatic “climate”, the multimedia system with 7 “screen, the DAB radio and the Bose Hi-Fi 231 watts.

2018 Abarth 124 Spider Interior & Trunk

Dashboard and controls

The sporty breathes from every detail of the 2018 Abarth 124 Spider: From the leather steering wheel with red seams and an insert in the same color to indicate the position with straight wheels, to the Alcantara coatings for the lower part of the plank, as well as for the headphones of the gearbox and the handbrake and for the armrest between the seats. “Racing” also the tachometer with a red background and the aluminum pedal with the accelerator hinged at the bottom. All the controls, including the drive mood selector (which varies the engine response), are close to the driver, but the steering wheel does not adjust in depth: Not everyone will find their ideal driving position.

The cockpit is sporty and collected, but not cramped (even with the hood closed). You sit down, and only the tallest touch the manual Capote with your head. Thus the adjustments of the armchairs: that of the backrests is jerky.


All covered in felt, the trunk is loaded from above: the opening, at 80 cm from the ground, is not small. At the center, the bottom is dug by 10 centimeters. Space is better used by splitting the luggage into several small bags: two trolleys and a backpack, just for a short break. Few objects in the cockpit, all behind the armchairs: the central one is the widest, as well as the only one equipped with a lock. Behind the backs, there are two others, but it is uncomfortable to access it: it is necessary to pull the armchairs forward.

2018 Abarth 124 Spider Review

2018 Abarth 124 Spider Video

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2018 Abarth 124 Spider Gas Mileage

In the city. The Abarth 124 spider is handy in traffic, but (with a closed hood) creates some visibility problems. However, despite having sports suspension, it does not suffer too much pavé and manholes. And the 1.4 turbo has a smooth thrust, not just in normal mode. But it is in this mode, of course, that you get the best journeys: 11.8 km/liter according to our tests. Not bad for a sporty.

Out of town. Light weight, reduced pitch, ready steering and “flat” trim favor the agility in the mix. But the 2018 Abarth 124 Spider also enjoys thanks to the brio: in sport, the 1.4 turbo has a nice shot, as well as an immersive rumble. Low open-top rustles. Powerful braking, contrasted (but precise) gear shifters. And, taking a shrewd guide, we traveled on average 16.4 km/liter.

highway. The comfort of the suspensions is not bad (even on the joints of the viaducts), and the cruise control reduces the “camera stress”, avoiding to accidentally overcome the speed limits: possible very likely, considering how engaging it is to hear the engine lengthen. Even at 130 km/h (in sixth gear, it works at 3350 rpm) its voice is heard, but it is pleasant (not equally worth the noise of rolling tires). In standard consumption: 13.3 km/litre.

Why Yes

Agility. Thanks to the low weight, the rigid suspension, and the ready steering, the Abarth 124 spider shelled out well between the curves.
Finishes. The interiors are cured, and the upholstery in leather and Alcantara are standard.
Engine. The 1.4 turbo can be brilliant in the sports guide, and fluid when you “go for a Walk”. And, in normal mode, the consumption is lower than in the Fiat 124 Spider.

Why not

Navigator. This indispensable accessory binds to the purchase of an expensive package. Considering that we are talking about a car from 40,000 euros, it would be legitimate to demand it as standard.
Storage. There are no pockets in the doors or a one-door on the plank. Uncomfortable the rooms behind the armchairs, tiny one under the armrest.
Steering wheel Adjustment. Now even the utilitarians and even some superminis has the steering wheel adjustable in depth. Serious that a sport like the 2018 Abarth 124 Spider does not foresee it.

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