Nieuwe VW Polo 2017 Reviews

Nieuwe VW Polo 2017 Reviews

The Volkswagen Polo subcompact is spacious with build quality worth the money (not low); also features safety devices (standard or paid) still rare for the category. The precise steering makes driving pleasant and, despite suspensions tuned according to the comfort, grip and stability do not disappoint. Quiet performance of the new 1.4 diesel content consumption.

Five years after its debut, the marginal utilitarian aesthetic tweaks to keep current Volkswagen were enough. Comfortable and safe on the road, in this version with the new diesel 1.4 discrete performance combined with low consumption provides, but is a bit too loud when accelerating. Standard equipment includes devices not yet disclosed, such as the detection of driver fatigue and that multiple collision, but the fog lights, cruise control and rear head air bags are optional.

Debut in 2009, the 2017 Volkswagen Polo has a clean and elegant, which does not seem to suffer the weight of years. With the restyling of mid-career (2014) received only marginal adjustments: front air intakes were enlarged and the rear license plate, and renewed the fog lamps (optional) and reflectors. Who does not like the grey, know that all other colors (pastel) incur an extra charge.

The 1.4 90 HP turbo diesel which equips the trial version is all new: this is a – 3 cyl meet Euro 6 which has hardly a sporting character, but it offers good fuel economy (although not by record) and raises his voice only when accelerating. Is paired with a five-speed manual transmission well maneuverable despite the grafts are rather countered.

In the 2017 Volkswagen Polo is well done, and also spacious compared to 397 cm long. By road it is appreciated for its valid driving position, for steering precision and comfort assured by the suspension. Although not a sport is well clung to the asphalt; It also has safety devices (standard) uncommon among small cars, such as the sighted anti-coup sleep or system that avoids multiple collisions.

The price includes also the Esp and head airbags (front, while those behind are optional). The Comfortline is okay, even if the cruise control is charged extra like, well, the “climate” automatic instead of manual. Spending more there is Fresh, which adds, among other things, the 16 “alloy wheels, fog lights and sports seats.


Much aesthetically rigorous as well done, the cockpit has several compartments. Some of the latter, however, are optional, as well as the multifunction steering wheel and multimedia integrable system 6.5 “screen in the dashboard. The seats are comfortable and widely adjustable, and equally welcoming – at least for two adults – is the sofa. Average of the category the trunk, which takes advantage of the floor can be adjusted to two different heights.

The dashboard and controls

Surfaces poorly developed and austere lines, but also quality materials (soft plastic plank top), a cockpit, the Volkswagen Polo, which with the redesign has earned aluminum profiles in door panels and multimedia system Composition Media (optional) with Usb socket. 6.5 “screen in the console (capable of displaying the contents of a smartphone connected) is extra like, well, the navigation system. Classic dashboard, dominated by two circular dials full coolant thermometer and too few buttons in breeds of the multifunction steering wheel (also optional).

Thanks to the distance between seats and ceiling was behind, the 2017 Volkswagen Polo allows comfortable travel to four adults, with the possibility to accommodate a fifth for short trips because the sofa is not outrageously mezzanine in the Center. Well made the seats in front, with wide settings, but the center armrest with storage compartment is charged extra as the equally useful drawers hidden under the seats. Speaking of rooms, the drawer in front of the passenger front is roomy, and in front of the gear shift lever was originally a practical double-door.


With its 280/952 liters in capacity on the trunk of Volkswagen Polo respects the average category but it surpasses in quality finishes. Among the practical solutions we report the floor which can be secured on two different levels: choosing the top one you delete the step that would otherwise form reclining back (if you can count on a depth of 154 cm). The good accessibility help opening wide and fairly smooth and the threshold mail to 69 cm (not many).

In addition to the small size and good visibility, driving in traffic is favored by the sweetness. Anything but stiff suspensions ensure comfort on uneven but not the ultimate sports driving, although the road holding is good; promoted the Steering, communicative and accurate. The 1.4 diesel is not a portent of grit and filming goes “helped” climbing gear; on the other hand, it’s not too noisy (except in acceleration) and consumes the least.

In town. Steering and clutch of Volkswagen Polo are lightweight, and maneuvering without difficulty despite the grafts are a bit stiff. Thanks to the good visibility, the Park does not create undue difficulty, and on the other hand, the dimensions are not excessive; adding the Comfort package you get the front and rear parking sensors. The engine is not particularly lively below 2000 rpm, but don’t overdo it in the request (15.2 km/l).

Out of town. Consumption is low (although not what it promises: we detected 23.3 km/l compared with 33.3 approved), but the boost provided by the turbodiesel is only fair, with the most favorable dispensing range between 2000 and 3800 RPM. The suspension has a calibration that is anything but rigid and do not give the best in brilliant Guide: are designed according to the comfort, which is high. Anyway, road holding one cannot complain about, and the steering is able to respond with precision even at high speed.

On the highway. The 1.4 is defended well: to 130 per hour still has much to spend (the actual peak of 181.3 km/h), does not exceed consumption (15.4 km/l) and not up too the voice (unlike what causes acceleration). Just hard-hitting, however, the resumption of 2017 Volkswagen Polo: to regain speed quickly after a slowdown is better to move from fifth to fourth. Promoted the suspensions, which are effective in absorbing the bumps, while the brakes are improvable, powerful but with a tendency to lose efficiency if engaged for a long time and repeatedly.

As a result of the crash tests performed in 2009, Euro NCAP has promoted the Volkswagen Polo with five stars (maximum). The standard equipment, in addition to the Esp and six airbags, with the recent restyling has been integrated with devices that do not already exist in other subcompacts, like the collision mitigation system strip or what prevents sleeping shots. By contrast, are charged separately fog lights and cruise control, the latter also with distance radar and brake function.

In addition to the Esp and the Isofix attachments, the standard equipment of Volkswagen Polo has six air bags, including those for the head. Contrary to what usually happens, they repair only passengers before: to have the same kind of protection also for who sits on the sofa you should buy (expensive) rear side elements. On the other hand, this German is the only small car to have as standard the system that detects signs of driver fatigue and what, after impact, it blocks the brakes to prevent collisions next (and turns off automatically if the driver maneuvers to start moving the car). Included also the sensors that hold in check the tire pressure, while among the options included fog lights and cruise control, the latter an Adaptive version also available, namely radar distance and brake function. The Euro NCAP has subjected the 2017 Volkswagen Polo crash tests in 2009, when the car lacked some of the devices mentioned above, introduced during the 2014 update. In any case, the overall rating was five stars (maximum), with very good results in the areas relating to the protection of passengers and children carried on Isofix seats (respectively 90 and 86 percentage points) and more than discreet for the efficiency of the safety devices (71%). Less than average, however, the pedestrian protection score (41%) in the case of investment.


The Volkswagen Polo is confirmed as subcompact built better than average, suitable also for use suburban and enjoyable to drive even if not sporty. Appropriate to the character of the car the 1.4 diesel, which captures a good compromise between performance and consumption. The Comfortline is only fair because if on the one hand includes safety devices almost exclusive, the other leaves open the need for added charge.

The 2017 Volkswagen Polo is a compact car that doesn’t yield to the temptations of sportsmanship: steering precision makes driving pleasant and road holding is not discussed, but the suspension is devoted mainly to comfort. So in those circumstances, the 1.4 diesel seems appropriate to his role, because if the 90 HP not prancing, nor do they have the breath on the highway. In addition, consumption does not weigh too much on wallets, indeed. It is not light, however, the selling price: many of the rivals are more affordable. In favour of Volkswagen Polo, however, play the build quality: of the carrier does not appreciate only the space (well behind) but also the materials and execution of assemblies. And the boot offers the practical floor shield. The standard equipment also includes safety devices are not common yet for the category, but that, too, is not Comfortline-poor-also requires some addition: difficult to do without the automatic “climate” or rear air bags for head (that most rivals includes as standard). For those who believe that the eye wants its part, on balance it may be convenient to opt for the richest Fresh, with fog lights, 16 “alloy wheels and sports seats.

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