2017 Toyota Prius Review; Amazing Hybrid Sedan

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 - Toyota
2017 toyota prius c release date

2017 Toyota Prius – Special shaped hybrid, the fourth series of Toyota Prius has a new shell and a mechanics magazine from top to bottom to improve both consumption, pollutant emissions and driving pleasure. In fact, the car is exceptionally economa (beyond-22 km/liter on average) and is valid for handling and roadholding; also improved the gearbox, which is great in traffic, but in the accelerated regime raises 1.8 decided too (and braking is a bit “long”). The cockpit is futuristic, but with a few plastic undertone in relation to price; not much space on the couch (in width and the head) while is rather large trunk. The standard equipment is good, especially with respect to security.

2017 Toyota Prius Review

In this fourth series, the 2017 Toyota Prius, the world’s best-selling hybrid, it changes a lot. Media with generous dimensions (454 long cm, six more than before) very distinctive and elaborate, was born out of a new, modular platform was radically updated in mechanics: the 1.8 petrol 98 horsepower and the electric motor from 72 (122 horsepower combined), but also the batteries (nickel-metal hydride) and automatic transmission were revised to improve both consumption , polluting emissions and driving pleasure. In fact, the car is exceptionally economa (beyond-22 km/liter on average, and even 25 in town), has decent performance and driving pleasure: it is easy to handle and holds the road, although the suspension is rather strict about potholes. Net change progress scoring, which is great in traffic; only in the accelerated regime raises 1.8 decided too. Braking, however, is a bit “long”. The cockpit is futuristic but some particular deserves better care, while the tapered body shape limits the space on the couch; not bad on the capacity of the trunk. The five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests obtained latest confirms that this is a safe car, and well-equipped in this regard: full led headlights comes standard with automatic headlights, adaptive cruise control with automatic emergency braking (both for infill materials both for the risk of investing someone), the head-up display, the notice for dropping involuntary lane and blind spot checking of exterior mirrors. Those looking for the ultimate in fuel economy can choose the Active: with 15 inch wheels “sliding” (up from 17), the average declared reaches 33.3 km/liter (30.3 for the car of the test).

2017 Toyota Prius Interior

Rounded and well developed in depth, the 2017 Toyota Prius is very modern plank: two displays side by side under the large central eye lid, replace the dash. The protruding and spiky black console hosts the “climate” Conditioner (that varies automatically flows and flow rate based on the number of passengers, improving comfort and reducing energy consumption) and the other touch-screen, and 7 “multimedia system; the Navigator and the valid specialist Jbl Hi-Fi are optional in Tech package. The driving position is low and elongated, but visibility remains good (“retro” excluded, because the rear window also split into two parts). The lining of the leather seats (perforated in the Center to enhance breathability) is an optional polished, while less visible plastics are cheap (well, however, the machining and Assembly). The white tank in the tunnel has a plate for Wireless charging of smartphones equipped (i.e., with Qi).

The 2017 Toyota Prius is very spacious front, where the only criticism (regarding the driving position) concerns the adjustments fairly limited. Behind the remarkable comfortable legroom goes a couch made just for two: in addition to not be very wide, the Center is equally welcoming. Even the headroom is adequate at most for people of average height; who’s up, touch the ceiling.

The battery compartment is accessible easily (very large hatch and load threshold to 69 cm), large and carefully: the felt of the coating is quite often and it seems robust, and on the side walls there are appendiborse hooks that hold up to four kilograms. The height under the awning rather small (43 cm) restricts the exploitability, and missing a hidden compartment: beneath the floor there’s a preformed plastic.

2017 toyota prius v interior features

New Prius 2017 Test Drive

In town. The great journey recorded (25 km with one litre of gasoline) is the most striking quality of the Toyota Prius, but not the only one: the automatic transmission perfectly fluid lets you move relaxing and selecting the mode of driving Power, even with panache. Piles of rubble and turning radius are certainly not by car, but when the electronics gives a big hand (though the parking sensors are only optional).
Out of town. Even away from traffic to hit the most are the low power consumption (23.8 km/litre, a value that only the best diesel manages to bring them closer), but also steering, handling and roadholding are more than satisfactory. The car performs well in emergency maneuvers and brilliant Guide, provided you don’t expect powerful shots; the only real drawback is some tyre rolling noise and the fact that the 1.8, filming decided (as in steep hills and overtaking) sketches at full speed. The brakes do not guarantee stopping very short, but stability is always remarkable.
On the highway. Driving at high speed and constant is the less favourable situation at hybrids, which recover energy that would otherwise be wasted when the car slows down. But refined mechanics and aerodynamics of the 2017 Toyota Prius provide valid results again: at 130 km/h fixed, 16.1 km/liter. The car is not noisy (almost absent the hiss of air) and has excellent stability: no corrections with the steering wheel. Convenient cruise control that adjusts its speed according to vehicles ahead.

2017 Toyota Prius Pros and Cons


  • Consumption. Among cars tested so far, the only ones consuming less were the electrical …
  • Safety equipment. There are many series a large number of electronic devices, which are used to avoid accidents or limit their consequences.
  • City driving. Filming ready and vigorous and automatic transmission are great in traffic.
  • Road holding. Is a car handy and reassuring when cornering.

Why not

  • Couch. The headroom is limited, and the central place is for emergencies only.
  • “Scooter”. The automatic transmission has improved, but in accelerated decided on 1.8 high and constant in “splatter”: it’s annoying.
  • Interior details. Some plastics are cheap, and there are sloppy elements (like the tray).
  • Tire noise. Good soundproofing General highlights a certain “Rumble” coming from the tires.

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