2017 Opel Astra Sports Tourer Review: you wouldn’t say, but the “pepper” is there

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 - Opel
opel astra 1.4 turbo technische daten

opel astra 1.4 turbo technische daten – Modern, comfortable and luxurious cockpit almost wagon (with only a few small economy little justifiable), the Opel Astra Sports Tourer Innovation has a rich, and a list of optional interesting and rather unusual in this category. The external dimensions (the car is long 470 cm) reflected only partially in the size of the trunk, which is broad, but surpassed in capacity than some rivals. The twin-turbo 1.6 160 horses, the most powerful diesel engine from among the available is a “five star”: ensures smooth gaits, top performance and low consumption; also good road handling and maneuverability of the gearbox (manual only).

2017 Opel Astra Sports Tourer Review

Classic elegance, practical and convenient, the latest edition of one of the most widespread and popular medium wagon stands out for the latest accessories. Among those, quote the electrically operated tailgate that opens without having to use their hands (just push the foot underneath the bumper) and OnStar remote assistance (for emergencies, but also to ask questions of any kind), while they are optional to 1,300 euros led matrix headlights, which are distinguished by their exceptional effectiveness: the shape of the beam varies moment by moment to ensure maximum visibility without dazzling other people. The new Opel Astra Sports Tourer has the same space occupied by the old model (470 cm long, many by category) but the new project did save well 115 kg. A difference that stands out, because the car is docile and swift between curves, and it brakes well. Weight not over the top helps to highlight the qualities of 1.6 biturbodiesel, who is content with little fuel, pushing and is great for promptness and consistency of response. The trunk has a capacity good ever, and better than in the old model; but some rivals are better, and the compartment is not exploitable. This version only costs 600 BiTurbo diesel euro more than 1.6 CDTI from 136 horsepower, but (unlike this) you can’t have automatic, and there is only in the more expensive construction Innovation. In any case, the ratio between the price, the fixtures and the equipment is satisfactory: are also standard Navigator and front and rear parking sensors. We close by highlighting that only Astra sedan was subjected to Euro NCAP test. However, the results (flattering: five stars) can be considered valid also for the Sports Tourer.

2017 Opel Astra Sports Tourer Interior

The first impression is positive: the Interior of the Opel Astra Sports Tourer is large and bright, modern horizontal plank (ben entered the Central screen touch 8 “) without aggravations; stylish black glossy inserts highlighted by a satin aluminium profile. Tends to be sporty but customizable at will, the driving position benefits from the presence of buttons and levers easy to reach and placed with order; pleasing the commands in the “climate” conditioner, with digital display of temperature in the center of the knobs. Opting for soft leather jackets you also get special seats, particularly comfortable, as well as heated; the whole thing costs 1,800 euros. The collection is almost luxurious, but inside the car you notice even of small economies. As the stage (although many) uncoated, the tray does not lit, seatbelts not adjustable for height and absence of adjustable air outlets for anyone who is on the sofa.

The Opel Astra Sports Tourer welcomes smoothly four people, even above average stature. For three on a couch you need to gather a little, but the filling is also pretty soft in the Center; not too bulky the tunnel.

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The compartment, from the discreet capacity category (540 liters to the couch), has a regular shape and size well 108 cm from the tailgate to the back, but is poorly developed in height (43 cm); the Foundation is not covered. Accessibility is great: the load threshold is 61 cm from the floor and flush with the floor, and there is also the standard power-operated tailgate. The Versatility package (250 euros) includes the levers to lower the back seat and, above all, the three-part reclining sofa (instead of the two proposals). Good capacity when traveling in only two: 1630 litres.

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2017 Opel Astra Sports Tourer Test Drive

In town. The Opel Astra Sports Tourer length 470 cm do not help when it comes to finding a parking spot, but driving in traffic is light and the Steering as about 1.6 ready and Pasty, which restricts the use of the gearbox (still well controllable). Reduced consumption (17 kilometers per liter), while manoeuvring distance sensors are useful, given that visibility is not the best.

Out of town. Thrifty and comfortable (along our route we test path 22.2 km/liter), Astra has good handling, precise steering and road holding definitely reassuring. The 1.6 contributes greatly to the pleasure and ease of driving: in addition to providing substantial performance, “run” smoothly and with little noise and uphill and danger in overtaking is appreciated for the immediacy of response.

On the highway. The high torque and the sixth rather short (at the maximum speed permitted on the highway the 1.6 is at 2400 RPM) ensure shooting decided, and without affecting much on noise (muffled) and consumption (low: we measured 16.7 km/liter marching to 130 km/h constant). The car is very stable, and safety benefits from the system that helps you stay in your lane and alerts in case of insufficient safety clearance.

2017 Opel Astra Sports Tourer Review: you wouldn’t say, but the “pepper” is there Pictures

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