2017 Mercedes E 220d Review, Specs, Price, Interior

Friday, March 1st, 2019 - Mercedes
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2017 Mercedes E 220d: “Déja vu” gritty and very safe. The old model the new Mercedes and only retains the name: the mechanics are completely new forms (similar to those of the smallest class C, less expensive) are more muscular. Comfortable and easy to drive, has an unprecedented diesel 2.0 (paired with a velvety nine automatic transmission gears) really energy Park, quiet and more vigorous than you might assume. Is the most advanced safety systems Mercedes: in traffic and highway driving almost “alone”.

2017 Mercedes E 220d Review

If the lines are very similar to those of the smaller C-class, the new Mercedes E is however far more advanced: all versions have braking and automatic emergency call, connect to the web for troubleshooting assistance and remote diagnostics, led headlights, driver’s knee airbag. Even if the collision is inevitable, to reduce damage to hearing the car emits a sound that “prepares the ear” to the noise of the accident. Other systems, such as the antitamponamento and the semi-automatic guidance (in traffic and on the highway the car handles steering, brakes and accelerator), are in the driver assistance package (optional). In the latest Euro NCAP tests (carried out using the criteria of 2016), the car has shone, particularly in a side impact, reaching almost everywhere the maximum points: the five stars are deserved. With respect to “basic” Sports Business Sport seats, rear view camera, adds proven way power distance sensors and Navigator. Under the hood there is a new 2.0 four-cylinder diesel, quiet (even cold when he emerges some “roughness” at low speeds), powerful and a little thirsty: the push is generous but so constant to seem less than real.

The changing of Mercedes E 220 d is a fine nine automatic reports: running steps are barely noticeable and the system always chooses the right one. But only in Sport mode the grafts commanded than those behind the wheel (which, however, proves to be almost superfluous) become rapid. Remarkable braking the pedal is modular and well, thanks to the wide tires on rims of 18 ‘ (optional, fitted on the tested car), the best sports are worthy of stopping. The plant is resistant to fatigue and, in emergency braking, the car remains stable. Although the trim is not “a Board”, the limits are high, also thanks to the wide tires, and the car signals with the proper advance the approaching loss of grip. Even without the sophisticated suspension (which are valid all over 1,000 euros), absorption is effective; well taken care of even the soundproofing. In “retro” and when you see little but the sensors and cameras are standard (as well as the led headlights). 360 degree view from the top makes it possible to quickly locate obstacles all around. The Price of 2017 Mercedes E 220d is around $55,077.

2017 Mercedes E 220d Interior

The dashboard and controls

The dashboard of the Mercedes and provides the information you need, but that 12.3 digital “(not present on the car driven, cost over 3,000 euros, with Navigator in a screen of the same size place alongside) is quite another thing. Some “poor” 8.4 Gps screen ” (not responsive to touch, can be operated with a wheel and buttons under the console): partly because of the thick black frame seems to “lost” in the dashboard. To change the audio track or menu instead of directional commands on the steering wheel spokes touch surfaces, not always so ready to “understand” the command.

The appearance is that of the latest models of the House: “wave” plank, round and wide fender air vents on the dashboard and the Central screen. The collection, however, appears a little “empty” unless you opt for the richest and Navigator for the digital dashboard. Are standard led lights (in 64 shades of your choice) under the seats and along the plank and door profiles: in the dark makes a great impression. Good fittings, the materials (except some plastics stainless steel color) and the response of the controls; a little less fake leather seats (standard with fabric inserts) and the steering wheel, “plastic” and with the frets blacks even when the Crown is in the same colour of light liners (optional, for almost 6,000 euros). The handy gear selector, behind the wheel, frees a lot of space in the tunnel, which houses two rooms (one large, under the armrest).

2017 Mercedes E 220d Price and release Date

In four on the Mercedes and traveling as Pasha: space is generous. The tunnel on the floor, high and wide, takes off at home, though, the legs of the fifth passenger. The seats are wide and comfortable seating and plenty of adjustments. Except for the length of the pillow, all registrations are electric. Behind, the profile of the doors allows you to enter car without too much risk for head. The finishes of the couch and door panels are treated as before; the Cabinet between the

2017 Mercedes E 220d Test Drive

In town. The change of 2017 Mercedes E 220d and the good absorption of the suspensions reduce tremors and convulsions; maneuvering will appreciate the distance sensors front and rear, the rear and the 360-degree vision system (all standard). Future Remote function Park Pilot (optional), which allows the car to enter and exit from the parking lot alone: is controlled from outside (within a radius of three meters) with an app for mobile phones Apple or Android operating system. The car does not move only forward and backward, but can serve to exploit the space “comb” or to avoid obstacles (detected by sensors), stopping for themselves whether are not resolved. Even in traffic the car SIPs: 17.5 km/l on average, according to our tools.

Out of town. In Sport mode the Steering, accurate enough, it is a bit heavier, the change becomes faster and the engine (by push generous and constant) becomes more responsive: the car doesn’t want to be a sporty, but between the curves proves anything but awkward, as well as intuitive. Powerful braking. The 20.4 km/l detected evidence of the efficiency of the engine.

On the highway, Stable and quiet (in 9th March, at 130 km/h, the 2.0 works just 1500 rpm), the coach instills confidence. Well calibrated system for driver assistance package (optional): the car follows (speeding, swerving or braking alone) the flow of traffic in the lane (driver must, however, keep your hands on the wheel, for regulatory reasons); If it encounters an obstacle, it avoids, braking and steering automatically. During the test, the function that allows you to change lanes in an autonomous way by operating just the “arrow” was not available in Italy. Near-record consumption to 130 km/h with a liter of diesel will make ben 18.5 kilometers.

2017 Mercedes E 220d Pros and Cons


  • CONSUMPTION. The readings would envy to some of the best subcompact cars diesel: species in the highway, the car drinks very little.
  • ENGINE. Pushing more than it seems, it’s quiet even cold and vibrates slightly; You can blame only some slight “roughness” at low revs.
  • SAFETY. A few cars, pure well more expensive, are so “protected”: the car has various driver assistance systems and thinks even to hearing damage.

Why not

  • OPTIONAL. A car that makes safety its flag should not be charging systems like that against involuntary exit lane (almost 1,000 euros, with the angle control blind).
  • LOOK. Very classic, this sedan differs little from smaller and less expensive C-class.
  • STEERING WHEEL. Is “plastic”. And its touch-sensitive controls should be used with a cure … millimeter (sometimes proved inaccurate).

2017 Mercedes E 220d Review, Specs, Price, Interior Pictures

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