2017 Hyundai ix20 Review/Recenze; spacious and efficient but a little noisy

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 - Hyundai
hyundai ix20 passion

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New Hyundai ix20 Review/Recenze

The 2017 Hyundai ix20 may be the right choice for those who want a practical space-handyman (412 cm length), but with a cozy interior and a trunk capable. All without giving up a dynamic appearance (for the kind of car) and an aggressive front, still relevant after upgrading 2015 (the ix20 debuted in 2010). The Possible has a rich standard equipment, including automatic climate control, cruise control, navigation and rear view camera. In the Guide, the Korean mini MPV is intuitive, not strenuous and safe (powerful brakes). The 1.4 diesel from 90 HP is appreciated for the good brio and low consumption, but her voice you hear: the insulation of the cockpit is not the best.

Little longer than a minivan, the 2017 Hyundai ix20 you park without difficulty, while, in fact, the interior space can rival those of cars of half a meter longer. The Interior offers practical solutions like the sofa (in two parts) that iterates of 13 cm (leaving, as needed, more comfortable for passengers or luggage), many compartments (large, in particular, that at the base of the console) and aesthetic refinements such as “someone” into the console for the air conditioner (intuitive). Overall the finishes don’t disappoint, as well as the layout of the controls (even though the steering wheel is crowded with very similar keys). The driving position, with extended settings (even in height for the seat), is comfortable (in the tested car, however, the seat squeaked). The Possible also offers an interesting compromise between a full set (also includes a five-year warranty with no limitations for the number of kilometers traveled) and reasonably priced. No sports ambitions, the ix20 you leave lead with pleasure, thanks to the good vivacity of 1.4 and the right consistency of the steering. Not bad change, to which one can only blame a run too long for leverage. In the Euro NCAP crash tests conducted in 2011, this model received the highest rating of five stars. The Dimensions of 2017 Hyundai ix20 is 4,120 mm w x 1,765 mm B x 1,600 mm H.

2017 Hyundai ix20 Interior

The simple dashboard with silver console Hyundai ix20 is not unpleasant. The more original dashboard in binoculars, enclosing a complete Instrumentation (there’s also the thermometer for the engine coolant). Well located at the top of the browser screen Console (intuitive controls).

In relation to the small size of the body, space is a lot. Four adults traveling “all right”, but also a fifth passenger in the middle of the sofa is not sacrificed.

2017 hyundai ix20 dimensions


The compartment has a very high capacity, the Fund can be adjusted to two different heights and sofa down, is not in steps. But the load threshold, to 70 cm above the ground, is inconvenient.

2017 Hyundai ix20 Test Drive

In town. Moves us relaxed thanks to short body, easy and light steering of 2017 Hyundai ix20. Well, even the absorption of the holes by the shock-absorbers and visibility in reverse gears (standard, however, there is also the backup camera). In contrast, the a-pillars, sloping roof rather annoyed.

Out of town. Despite the pronounced body roll, the car is easy to handle and holds the road. The liveliness of the engine, the appreciable steering precision and effective brakes (reduced the stopping distances) follow a guide Ricki Lake. Maneuverability is improved, while the clutch pedal is soft to press.

On the highway. Although some aerodynamic hiss too comes to the ears of passengers overall traveling comfort. At 130 km/h the engine works at low regime (2550 RPM in sixth gear) and, after delays, don’t take too long to regain speed. In corners faced with sustained pace car remains stable.

New Hyundai ix20 Problems and Advantages

Good Thing

  • Brakes. The plant is well dimensioned: stops the car in short spaces and is also durable.
  • Engine. It is not “sitting” and settle for little diesel.
  • Space. Plentiful for both people, both for luggage.

Hyundai ix20 Problems

  • Exchange. The lever has a long stroke.
  • Hiss. Those generated by air flowing around the body are heard.
  • Load threshold. Is high and it forces you to lift your luggage more than normal to load them.

2017 Hyundai ix20 Review/Recenze; spacious and efficient but a little noisy Pictures

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