2017 Ferrari J50 Roadster; For Celebrate 50 Years in Japan

Saturday, May 11th, 2019 - Ferrari
2017 Ferrari J50 Price and Review

To celebrate 50 years of its presence in Japan, Ferrari has made the Ferrari J50 : 10 sole specimens, all reserved for the Japan market.

ONE-OFF? NOT REALLY – the Ferrari enthusiasts In Japan. And even customers among them are those who, from the end of 2017, will be able to get your hands on exclusive 2017 Ferrari J50, presented earlier today at an event celebrating half a century of commercial presence Ferrari fan in the land of the rising sun. The name is not chosen at random: “J” stands for Japan, while the figure “50” recalls the recurrence. This is not a one-off car, that is a custom made from a single specimen for a wealthy client, but still a highly exclusive car: in addition to the price (around -3 2.5 million), for its members, limited to ten, all intended for the Japanese country (and, of course, already sold).

UNDERNEATH, the 488 SPIDER – 2017 Ferrari J50 is a roadster with removable roof and Central rear engine, instead of folding as the vehicle from which it derives (488 Spider): a solution that incorporates a concept in vogue for some road cars over the years 70 and 80 Horses. The body, designed by the Special Projects Department of the Centro stile di Maranello, though is quite different from that of the starting model: glass surfaces resemble the visor of a helmet, while a black insert extends from front to the sides pierced in homage to historical models like the GTO, F40 and F50. Original even the back area, which is connected with the listing of Windows.

AERODYNAMIC THRUST – Ferrari streamers forms J50 are enriched by a series of details “hidden”, which help to improve the aerodynamics. For example, noses were positioned as close to each other, allowing a unique front design with a bonnet down the middle and the wheel arches in relief to enhance the “muscles” of this custom car. Always in the nose were positioned two carbon fiber air intakes that give even more oomph. Unpublished led headlights, as well as the contour of the windshield, lowered to cleave the air.

2017 Ferrari J50 Powertrain

V8 featured-the “heart” of Ferrari’s Maranello, J50 V8 turbo brought for the occasion to 690 horsepower (21 more than in 488 GTB and Spider) can be seen through the transparent cover, “embraced” by an airfoil that visually connects the two roll-bar and that makes this sport still wider. Just behind the seats of the luxurious interior, with leather and Alcantara (but each client individually customised), toting the two halves of the hardtop. Obviously, very light carbon.

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